Are You Ready With Mobile App Development Strategy For 2019?

Posted by Alka Singh · December 3, 2018 · 4 Min read

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In the age of assistance, acquiring growth in business starts with predicting what people want. With the innovations and technical features, the future of mobile app development in 2019 will be very bright.

Developers are ready with tech innovations to go a long way in creating new opportunities for businesses to capitalize on, and new products & services for app users to use.

If you have decided to sit with your development team and look towards 2019 to what to focus on mobile app development and what not, take a look at the five tips mentioned here :

1. Location Based Services and Beacon Technology

Imagine you are wandering in a shopping mall and the moment you reached your favorite brand store, then you receive a message including a text of some discounts or offers you are looking for.

However, you wouldn’t find any signboards and stickers in the shop regarding any discounts, special offers, etc., but with that message, you will be able to shop.

In a league of providing a personalized experience to users, take help of beacon technology in 2019. Location tracking in mobile apps is an unparalleled innovation and businesses are using the data collected from it to make their app content personalized and contextual to offer promising user experience.

Beacon is a micro-location-based technology that will act as a bridge between online and offline shopping. These types of personalized services enable you to figure out interested customers loyal customers, potential customers exactly where he/she is, what they are interested in and when they enter into the store environment.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots now don’t need any introduction. The technology has convinced people. Since the research and innovation around AI and ML are continuously happening, 2019 is all set to please you.

Earlier, chatbots were struggling to assist a user with its poor speech recognition abilities. You can expect better interaction with the machine from 2019, where chatbots play a crucial role in changing the scenarios which evolved around how a business provide services and operate sales processes and marketing area.

As Gartner published in an article, more than 50% of enterprises will adopt and spend on bots and chatbots. The urge to communicate with technology is increasing in people, Chatbot developers thus must be ready with all the required techniques to deploy chatbots or virtual assistant in their apps.

3. On-Demand Apps and Services

The urban world of today depends invariably on on-demand services. Why not when professional application development services and technology are ready to simplify life. Technology-centric business apps today enabling consumer’s to meet the immediate availability of goods and services.

Whether its meal deliveries, laundry pick-up, grocery deliveries, car washing, taxi rentals or your name it. In 2019, on-demand apps have newer opportunities, meaning new on-demand businesses. As an android mobile developer, you should focus and improve UI/UX enhancements, predictive analytics, m-commerce facilities, and business bots to reach to wider users.

4. Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT)

Wearable market has expanded beyond smartwatches. With cloud technology and low-power sensors, app developers are going to revolutionize wearable devices.

In 2019, we can expect better-cost-efficient and readily available solutions for the end-users. Developers around the world are focusing on fresh ideas that improve the quality of life. For instance tracking user’s health and providing insights on it.

According to market analysts, the number of connected devices in the manufacturing industry will double between 2017 and 2020. By 2019, 87% of healthcare organizations will have adopted IoT technology.

5. Mobile Payments

Hassle-free payment avenues are the need for people of every walk of life. Mobile payments from 1-2 years turn out to be more integrated and secure, and it is becoming the most trusted form of payment for online shopping. Due to the broad use of mobile devices, m-commerce has become a general business trend. For instance, Google this year rebranded Android Pay and Google Wallets service into Google Play, globally.

Every business that tries to meet the customer’s expectations must delivery a rich app experience. Integration of mobile payment gateway not just enhance the user experience, but also engage users with the app.

The year 2019 is probably going to see more organizations entering the market and even independent companies grasping the comforts that m-business brings along.


2019 will bring along a period of smartphone applications that offer personalized solutions, thus convenience and unparalleled experiences to clients.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and thinking about mobile app development, as mentioned earlier make a unique case for your strategy ahead.

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