Python: Top Choice Among Other Programming Languages

By Anas Asif Moin
July 27, 2018 | 1476 Views

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Today, developers are switching to Python for being more productive. Programming languages are developer’s tools, but companies have started suggesting Python for cross-industry application development needs. Let’s get into the broad picture that why one should choose Python over other programming languages?

Being a pioneer Outsourcing company in mobile and web app development, our clients happen to bring new challenges for us in our approach of project development as well as in our choices of tech stack. Definitely our approach and selection of tech stack matters in any project, but enterprises always look for fast time-to-market of their application while saving as much cost as much possible.

Indeed, there are ample of technologies that support developers build Apps quickly. But there are several other factors which required tracking for the success of the project as well as the performance of the developers and the company as well. Being an outsourcing vendor, we measure productivity for the following reason.

  • To determine if one methodology produces a faster result than another
  • To find the most cost-effective techniques and tools
  • To have an optimum team size
  • To track the overall cost difference between using different tech stacks
  • To compare the team to industry competitors

As a technology partner, we need to convince clients on tech stack that not just help them get the application to market faster but also stands for scalability. Simultaneously, enable us updated to the technology that best suited to cross-industry needs. As serious developers today are developing and deploying applications on Python, we thought to present a piece of information about Python from a marketing perspective that is why we also recommend Offshore Python Development.

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There is a great enthusiasm around Python, and the reasons behind it are undeniable that Python holds the potential to transform the application development ecosystem.

Let’s explore more reasons why we believe and suggest Python as the best choice for Application Development.

  1. 1. Less Is More

Python typically involves less code; thus it takes less time to complete a job. Since it takes less time to complete a project, this also means less money. The main advantage of writing in Python is the little effort which is required compared to other languages, including C++ or Java. The developer is not required to write an abundance of code for an app; hence the programming language enables them to work quickly. As Python can accomplish similar tasks with much less code than others, a small team can handle Python effectively.

For instance, something as simple as printing “Hello, World!” in C++ is:
# include <iostream>
int main() { std::cout << “Hello, world! “; return 0; }

While in Python, it’s directly written as:
print(“Hello, world!”)

  1. 2. Industry Giants Are Using Python

Did you know industry giants are using Python? Even the programming language has been a significant part of Google since the beginning. Dropbox, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Quora, Netflix or you name it are using Python. However, the trend spread far and wide into industries that companies are looking for resources with skills in Python. Python has become a winning formula for sectors such as science, gaming, and graphics, meaning companies such as NASA, Electronic Arts and Disney have made it a central part of their systems. Python offers productivity, software quality, and maintainability at a time.

  1. 3. It’s a Rising Star!

As the Index shared by PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language, Python is rising star. From the last 5 years, it has been growing significantly and steadily, thus crawling very close to Java.



Python is a dynamically typed programming language that makes it more productive than Java. The above static clearly defines the growth python has received from past few years. However, the report is created using the data from Google Trend, which focuses on how often language tutorials are searched for on Google. The more a language tutorial is searched, the more popular the language is assumed to be.

4) Become the Language of Choice For Data Scientists

Python is establishing itself as one of the most popular languages for scientific computing; it is an appealing choice for algorithmic development and exploratory data analysis. Python is also emerging as a potentially competitive alternative to Matlab, Octave and other similar environments. As a general-purpose language, Python is increasingly used in both industry and academic settings.

As one of the ‘Quorean’ quotes: “Python offers these cutting-edge tools over other platforms which makes it so efficient and powerful yet simplistic to use

Even the programming language is legitimized by data scientists for the following reasons:

1. Pandas: Python library for the Analysis of the real world data.
2. NumPy: Numerical Python for Statistical Analysis. NumPy is the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python.


As you can see, we have found four strong advantages to using Python, and it is a preferred choice among industry giants in a way or many. Though many quoreans claimed it is slow in performance compared to other languages, still it is rising and getting popularity. We acknowledged it and believed speed is not always the priority in every project. Different projects have different challenges and requirements, like productivity. There are many Python projects which are not performance-critical, even if they are, there’s a possibility to write the critical parts in C/C++ and the rest in Python.

Hence, it is fair to say Python is a powerfully simplistic and productive tool for programmers and data scientists alike, while simultaneously being a cost-efficient tool for clients. We suggest and encourage our clients to go ahead with the innovative technology, and if you have any more questions, reach out to us at OnGraph.

You can hire Hire Offshore Python Developer Or we can discuss the scope of integrating Python into your project/business idea as well as advantages of Outsource Python application development services.

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