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By Navdeep Agarwal | July 18, 2018 | 725 Views

Since IT industry’s revolution, the term “outsourcing” has remained as the most common and frequently used word within the industry. Let’s dive deep into the outsourcing and try to understand why do entrepreneurs and businesses choose to outsource?


In the long run, outsourcing is another form of trade that benefits the U.S. economy by giving us cheaper ways to do things.  –  Janet Yellen


The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it. – Alphonso Jackson

Though the both of quotes above have a different meaning of outsourcing together, they make complete sense for a company that needs to accomplish more of their business goals for less money, time and frustration.

Outsourcing is a kind of business practice where a company looks for external assistance from another company to achieve some tasks or get some services performed for them. However, for a company, all certain tasks are possible to perform with an expert in-house team devoted to these otherwise outsourced tasks. Nonetheless, every company wants to make more and secure more in terms of money; thus it leads to cost-cutting that a company decides to outsource the required tasks.

Let’s figure-out the advantages of outsourcing:

  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced overhead, production, and manufacturing costs
  • Improved efficiency as outsourcing enables you to focus on your core areas require more time, and attention of yours.

Usually, outsourcing is procured from lesser developed or developing countries capable of serving high-quality skills and services at highly affordable costs.  India among other countries around the world is one such destination where the cost of outsourcing is relatively less. Thus it grabs the attention of countries which are looking budget solutions without any compromise in high standard quality services and support.

Why outsource to India?

  1. 1. Expert Manpower

India is one of those countries that has set a fierce competition for other countries providing outsourcing assistance all due to the strong support of qualified professionals and experts in several skills set. When it comes to outsourcing, you look for the quality of less price quote. IT and software development companies in India have a long-term experience at serving companies abroad in managing their business process optimally with high-quality and affordable services.

  1. 2. Risk Management

When you think about switching to a new project and process, and if your in-house staff are amateur in those areas, it could lead to potential risk affecting your business. In those cases, the better approach is to outsource! Technology is revolutionalizing day by day. It’s a common affair you are not aware of new technologies that you need to implement in your current processes and then, you need someone who can help you. Let us forget risk and lead a stress-free life.

  1. 3. 24/7 support

When you are outsourcing to a vendor based in a country like India, 24×7 assistance on your project provided to you since you both work in a different time zone. There, companies mold themselves with an excellent alternative to serve you human resources 24 hours a day. Your vendor takes responsibility for your project and works on it while you are available or away at the office. Everything is easy with vendors they work on your projects that your staff has either untouched or left halfway through as it was too late and they had to get back home.

  1. 4. Flexible

Flexibility is required in the modern technological world. Imagine it is Christmas time, and your employees are out there enjoying their holidays. Suddenly you get some emergency in your website or application that needs to be tended to at the earliest and it is not possible to reach out to your staff, or they cannot work at last minute due to lack of system or required technology or hire someone unknown to you and your business. When you tie up with an Indian company for outsourcing, regardless of whether it is a holiday or working day, you are assured of continues work as well as support undoubtedly.

  1. 5. Focus On Competition

You have a team available in India working on your project. Of course, they help to accomplish the tasks at lower costs with no compromise over quality. This keeps you free and give you the time and churn it for more critical or core functions that will help you stand abreast of your competitors and work on improvising your contributions. You wouldn’t get any reason for a complaint about why you lost out to your competitors just because you didn’t have the time to research on what your people are doing and what they need.

Application development is not just a work of days or months. It could stretch for a year since bug fixing, maintenance and updations as per new trends and requirements are common affairs today. All this leads to a ton of tasks. If you have such tasks overhead and your business is striving hard to tackle and manage everything simultaneously, then, of course, outsourcing is just the best option available for you. Why not outsource to the professional experts in India?

For western and middle-east companies, India presents numerous advantages especially for application designing and programming tasks. India has several dedicated IT companies western companies can rely upon without a second thought.

Through performing some browsing sessions and placing inquiries, you can get in touch with the best outsourcing company in India for your web/mobile projects. However, before you decide to outsource, you must ask some questions to yourself.

Is Outsourcing Right For Me?

Every thought of outsourcing is, to begin with, this question. Let’s understand it. You may not find working with Indian designers and developers convenient is you are based in the U.S. and the U.K. and even the Middle-East companies. India shares a different time zone from yours. Therefore it would not be possible to have a meeting face-to-face and explaining each of the points in detail as and how you want.

However, this has not been a concern for several companies in the U.S  and the U.K and even the UAE as they are contacting to outsource manpower in India to get their tasks accomplished with ease and under affordable rates. The quality is also best in the industry incorporating all the latest trends and technologies.

As the number of solutions available today for seamless communication due to the internet, communication, and collaboration have not been an affair of concern for them. However, if you are not comfortable with communicating online or with messaging platforms enabling voice/video calling like Gtalk, Skype or email and phone, you wouldn’t find outsourcing attractive and appealing.

In such scenario, you will require shifting your focus to delegating work to the team while not worrying about where they sit to get your tasks done.

When you delegate web/mobile app projects, outsourcing works best if work and instructions are simple and clear or when you are ready to assist them with a fair share of discretion. If, for instance, you think that a team or a professional will understand complex project’s architecture and get it done for you, you wouldn’t be able to make it done by outsourcing. However, it is possible to achieve if you approach them with a clear blueprint, wire-frames, and instructions on the process for them.

How Do You Shortlist Vendors From Thousands Of Companies With Outsource Service In India?

There are a large number of app advancement organizations in India. Probably you come across who are lousy. How would you locate the one that is perfect for you? Here’re a couple of pointers.

  1. 1. Scrutinize their portfolio. Is it accurate to say that you are set up to acknowledge work of this quality? It could be possible that there might be a great style and poor user experience (or less as often as possible, the other way round).
  2. 2. Check comments and feedback from the vendor’s previous customers. Indeed, even you can request a customer reference and converse with their customers.
  3. 3. Ask vendors what programming/software they work with. Ask yourself if you are prepared to accept work to be done this way?
  4. 4. Do they work on a well-defined process (or any procedure whatsoever)? Request them to disclose to you how a project will proceed if you give them one.
  5. 5. Do they are comfortable to take calls or come on calls whenever required? And the comfort level with the language for effective communication? This is critical for you, as because you will communicate on Skype/G Talk and once a project sign in Slack and other project management tools took place. If this doesn’t happen, what you get might be way different from what you have requested for. There are several ways you can assess this.

Scrutinize emails/phone conversation from the group when you make your first contact. How the communication is going and does that is sufficiently clear and professional as you require?

You can request to take an interview with the developers who’s curriculum and skills you have scrutinized. An interview help you find out what they are like – are these sort of folks you will be open to working with?

  1. 6. Experience: When you assess CV and portfolio, must look towards their relevant experience in the field. Unless they have skills and hands-on experience in technology and project handling, you cannot assure whether they can provideyouquality technical assistance or whatever the project you are outsourcing.
  2. 7. Approach them for a speculative task plan. Do that task plan and scheduling for project completion suits you fit? If yes, then good but if not then what will be their approach to aid you.
  3. 8. Documentation: Documentation avoids troubles later on in 90% cases and fixes things. If for instance, you begin outsourced and you pay them advanced too! In any case, following a couple of days, they are not getting your calls or respond to your Email? What will you do?

You stuck with an incomplete project and unexplained details of it. Not only it disturbs your focus, but also bound you to find another alternative. What do you do now? How do you manage?

If you have documented everything long back before you both set out to work together things would have been much easier, and your project would have been smoother. You and your vendor belong to a different nation! The documentation there helps you eliminate potential risks.

  1. 9. Every time you communicate, evaluate their acknowledgmenttoevery email you send. Are these quick? Do they address every one of the issues you raise?
  2. 10. See whether they offer complementary services.Inthey are engaged in web and mobile app development, web advertising and SEO and other alike solutions, you can consider them as value added services as well. Furthermore, if they are offering such solutions, the chances are that they have reasonably established themselves in those services and assistance.
  3. 11. Don’t forget to Google them. Spend time and scrutinize their backgrounds recognitions and confirm them.
  4. 12. Will you require them to work amid your office timings (this could be their night hours) amid a part of your work timings? Do they offer you this adaptability by any stretch of the imagination?

Common Outsourcing Models

You have to choose what engagement paradigm you’ll work with. You must be allowed to pick different models relying upon the amount of control and flexibility you need. There are 3 regular outsourcing models:

  1. 1. Time and material model – You can go ahead with a certain number of hours of work every month.
  2. 2. Staff Expansion – You enlist a designer/developer. They will perform tasks as your offshore employee.
  3. 3. Fixed scope fixed quote – Settled extension settled statement – You pay for each task or piece of work. You may pay, for example, for each website.

Solicit yourself which of this architecture best fits you and your project’s requirements. Contact and inquire to every potential vendor, request them that they evaluate which modes will be best for you. Check them if they are comfortable with each model.

How Important Is Price?

Low cost is pivotal to outsourcing. Paradoxically, though, when you make mind to outsource, considering only cheap services or reduced cost is a terrible rule to assess a potential peer. Some of our customers have disclosed to us loathsomeness stories of how they enlisted developers at rates you won’t giggle at and got flinch commendable plans.

The key factor is this. Regardless of which organization you contract, their quotes will be WAYY lower than anything you pay for such assistance in the Americas, Europe or some other piece of the world. In this regard, what you have to do is to consider everything else; you have to assess them on the other criteria aforementioned above.

Is it accurate to say that you are looking to outsource your business projects that incorporates website development or /maintenance/modification to somebody in India?

At that point, we are here to help you!

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