Practical Chatbot Use Cases that Will Shape Future

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September 5, 2017 | 4594 Views

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Before mobile applications entered our day to day life, it was tough to believe that applications could ever be helpful for people right from businesses to gaming.

A few years later here we are, leaving the “application for that” period and entering into the new world of conversation “The Chatbots”. Chatbots development is on the forefront of new technology and as Gartner said: “By 2020, the normal individual will have a larger number of discussions with bots than with their mate.”

According to Bloomberg; “bots have altogether outpaced mobile apps in development rate.”

Since 2017, we have witnessed a strong surge in chatbot innovation. In case you are thinking that you have interacted with bots, and it didn’t awe you, your response to that experience is basic too.

There are bots and then there are Artificial Intelligence charged, enterprise-grade chatbots. As a natural follow-through, chatbots developers demand has been on a constant increase and hence their wages are also in an upswing.

Throughout the year we have come across an immense range of complex, but interesting enterprise chatbot use cases that feature incredible capabilities of bots that can go way beyond the ordinary tasks like ordering pizza, and give us a justifiable reason to trust the trend. You will be seeing bots coming up in areas that touch everyday life.


Here are our 5 top AI-powered chatbot use cases in enterprises:

  1. We Need A Bot That Can: Provide Seamless Self-Service Support Within IT Help Desk

Commonly, every helpdesk receives ‘basic’ or ‘simple’ questions that take a lot of time to answer, hence missing SLAs. There felt the need of Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots that could take care of these simple questions and allows IT service desk professionals to focus on more complex queries.

Additionally, the customer gets a much faster service and wouldn’t require to wait and will have a more positive experience. ChatBots for IT help desk also greatly improves support efficiency. Such IT Helpdesk Bot uses Machine Learning to learn answers from repetitive support requests and improves the speed of your helpdesk over time.


  1. We Need A Bot That Can: Make Our City More Intelligent

Barcelona adopted IoT and has successfully deployed responsive technologies across urban systems, including public transit, street lighting, waste management, parking and more. Now the time has come for chatbots there to add on to efficiency in such smart cities.

Smart cities to have their drawbacks like the moment when a street light goes out, typically either a civilian or city representative needs to report the blackout, making for an extensive repair process. By adding sensors to the road lights that would speak with the chatbots which then can deal with the repair team on another side, necessary information and checks can be done and repair initiated physically if needed.


  1. We Need A Bot That Can: Make Tax Filling Process Friendlier

In the fast-paced life of today, remembering tax filing dates is tougher than filing taxes. Or we can say, both need personal assistance that can remind you and help you fill your taxes timely. That’s where one of chatbot platform’s most valuable attributes comes handy in the form of its ability to completely automate a tedious process.

Digital tax filling assistance and services offered on several websites are still being impersonal and hard to follow for any customer. In any case, imagine a scenario where you could add a conversational assistant to enable them to file without hiring a bookkeeper?

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The biggest names of tax filing companies out there have chosen a chatbot as the solution for the atomizing filling process. Bots will guide and assist users as their personal CPA. A user would be able to make inquiries or get a step-by-step direction for complex fillings.


  1. We Need A Bot That Can: Change The Way We Do HR

There is a high probability that the next time you’re hired at a new job, you might be getting your initial information about payroll, vacations, expenses, and other HR-related information from a chatbot instead of a human employee. HR is a function virtually every vast organization tries to streamline through the adoption of new innovation and it has witnessed chatbot use cases in many ways.

The large part of requests can be computerized with a chatbot, which goes about as a living resource with whom employees can lock-in. For instance, all your questions about earnings, time off, benefits or anything to do with HR could be possible to communicate and get answered from an ‘HR chatbot’.

  1. We Need A Bot That Can: Go About As A Right-Hand Man For Our Specialists In The Field

In the field service, professionals have been using robots, wearables, and drones, now it’s the turn for chatbots. Chatbots can be used and integrated with existing software to help team members work more efficiently. Many engineering firms are looking for Chatbot developers to carry out Chatbot Development as an answer to help their specialists who are out in the field.

At current times, field service guys can search customer history and information by navigating on mobile on software through a series of menus.

Companies are searching for much better solution for these professionals and could use chatbot that could call up that customer’s information quickly from back-end systems to facilitate any number of engagements, including signaling the need for equipment repair, to routine inspections, or even taking pictures of what they’re working on and submitting to the bot to get step-by-step assistance.

The biggest advantage is, chatbots automate tasks, whether simple or complex. What is essential is that enterprises develop bots that utilize a platform that is equipped for creating both.

You must select an enterprise-grade chatbot development platform that could enhance possibilities of what a bot can do and additionally capable of handling more complex tasks than you may have thought.

Are you ready for this conversational Era? Let us know your experiences with AI-powered chatbots in the comment section below.


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