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Team Size 5 People
Project Manager | Developer | QA| Designer| Project Lead
Timeline05 Month

Unibuddy Background

With a breathtaking idea of Unibuddy, the client landed in the business world. The London-based entrepreneur collaborated with OnGraph to empower their start-up idea with technology considering capabilities that are essential to developing complex applications.

Unibuddy was supposed to be used as an integral application on the institution’s website that facilitates registration its students, ambassadors and prospective students interested in pursuing courses. By leveraging the distinguished features available, prospective students can communicate directly regarding their queries such as admission procedures, student’s life on the campus & about the city, etc. Keeping pace with the client’s vision, development began after rounds of brainstorming seasons with technical specialists, business analysts, developers, testers, account managers – all in close coordination with the client. To make the site highly interactive and features exquisite, we leveraged the latest technologies such as GraphQL, Apollo Client, storybook, Jest and Enzyme, etc., which made the app development process smoother and helped us achieve the desired outcome.


IA Modern Solution that Improves Customer Delight for Retailers




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Business Challanges

The application is unique in itself. Unibuddy has broader use beyond providing engagement and communication. The app requires to be not only an excellent student platform but also a solution to attain higher lead conversion rate for institutions. Following were the roadblocks we faced while implementing Unibuddy.

Complex Statistics Report

The client wanted the application to also function in offline mode. Fetching, storing and synchronizing data from different sources even in offline mode was challenging.

Data Collection in Offline Mode

We had to integrate analytics and reporting features for store admins as they needed to have real-time visibility into important information such as customers’ shoe sizes and salesperson activities.

Measure Engagement and Data Analysis

Though the admin dashboard collects and displays the leads data, a simplified system was required to analyze the huge information related to students and their activities.

Intuitive Design & Responsiveness

To make convenient and provide flexibility to the users - besides giving the ability to be used anytime, anywhere. It was needed to be responsive. Intuitive UI and UX was supposed to play a pivotal role in making the app successful.


The Solution

OnGraph’s team understood the critical challenges and the importance of finding their solutions as it was essential for the app’s success. To help UniBuddy achieve its vision to be an interactive and smart platform that allows connection and communication and analytics, OnGraph onboarded experienced team and leveraged advanced technologies to create the required experience and outcome.

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Using Apollo Client for Offline Capability

Storing and caching the data in an offline mode was difficult. More than that, we had to make it accessible in conditions like a weak internet connection. We used Apollo Client that allowed data storage as a cache. The selected framework not just increased the performance of the application but also made it faster and quicker in terms of responsiveness.

Machine Learning Algorithm

We integrated a machine learning algorithm within the application, which made the system capable of continuously tracking and analyzing engagement activities such as like conversations, measuring engagement and collecting insights about what each prospect is looking for.

Power CSS to Bring Intuitiveness

We found Power CSS, together with Modular CSS (Mixens), a perfect fit for the app to give it an intuitive UI and UX. It not only helped us in speeding up the performance of the application but also aided in making the website highly interactive.

Integrated Reporting and Dashboard System

We used Multiline Graphs available in Chartjs that allowed bringing together yearly, quarterly and monthly data and also showcasing the number of visitors, signups, and conversations data within a single chart. We also used React that supported features like filtering data on a monthly, half-yearly and yearly basis.

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