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Track My Pocket is an expense management application


Team Size 9 People
Project Manager | Developer | QA| Designer| Project Lead
Timeline180 Days

Track My PocketBackground

With a view to get developed Track My Pocket as an intuitive and innovative expense management tool, the client partnered with OnGraph. The client had a vision of an app that helps users track and manage money and guide them towards savings.

It took us 12 months to develop Track My Pocket as an incredible mobile application that provides complete analysis to its users about their spending, pre-defined budget, and savings on a monthly/yearly basis. The application is an excellent tool for individuals and for those who spend in groups and wish to keep a tab on every penny spent – when, where and for what. To provide end-to-end finance management to users, we integrated an advanced algorithm within the app. The algorithm ensures smart calculation and distribution of money among group members in an automated manner. The application also has many compelling features such as Spilt/Shared/Group Expense Management that allows user split, manage & settle their expenses with friends and colleagues. The feature-packed application is loaded with features such as custom & social sign-up capability, budget management and spend analysis that avoids consultant fees, automatic analysis of expenditure, budget and saving and much more. Additionally, the application is secured with 128-bit SSL that means communication between smartphone, applications, and servers are completely encrypted. A Dashboard is developed within the app that provides users an easy and simple view of every in-app activity at one place.





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Business Challenges

While working on Track My pocket, we faced a few critical challenges like Reports and dashboards representation in graphical mode, showing time and date in global format- while making the application bespoke and customized. Addressing these challenges was important to ensure the successful adoption of the application.

Lack of Graphical Representation of Reports and Dashboards

Showcasing a large amount of data such as house rent, daily needs and EMI with each user activity using an easy-to-comprehend graphical representation was a critical yet difficult task at hand. The key challenge was to fit the graphs within a mobile screen.

Global Time and Date Issues

One of the other challenges was to update the date and time of the user transactions done from different countries. Moreover, it should match the global time zone standards when viewed from different locations.

Customization & Personalization

User-friendliness and the intuitive experience was critical success factor for the application. Elicitation of such explicit and implicit requirements was critical and requires a significant amount of research, analysis and requirement gathering workshops.

Difficulty for Users in Sharing Data

Users were unable to share their monthly or yearly data related to savings, expenses, and income with their friends, family, and groups. Moreover, the expectation was to keep it simple and easy to use.


The Solution

With the help of our dedicated resources, we were successful in delivering much beyond the expected client requirements. We customized the website in a way that it was easier for the users to instinctively track, operate, manage, and understand their monthly and yearly expenses.

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Bar Graphs and Pie Charts

To showcase the overall user data in terms of expenditure on a monthly or yearly basis, we used bar graphs and pie charts. Bar graphs were used to showcase different categories such as carpool, fitness, daily needs and pie charts for comparing monthly data.

Recording Time in Milliseconds and Displaying Dynamically

In order to track the accurate date and time of transactions done by the user from different countries, we started recording the same in milliseconds. When rendered on screen, time is displayed dynamically according to the time zone. This made it easier for users as well as for the admin to understand when the transaction was timestamped.

Customization was done as per the Client’s Requirement

We had to get into the client’s shoes in order to understand what they were envisaging achieving. We held multiple client interactions and clarification sessions to understand and document critical details of the requirements. We used different colors to signify different expense categories and entities in the dashboard, which made the entire application user-friendly and interactive.

Sharing of User Data in a Tabular Format

We modified the way data related to expense, income, and savings was rendered on the screen. We showcased it into a tabular format to make sure it is easy to understand and can be shared quickly with friends, family, and groups via social media platforms.

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