About Solepad

SOLEPAD System is an IoT Powered foot measuring and business analytics software. It offers revolutionary and unique customer experience for an in-store shoe retailing business.


Team Size 5 People
Project Manager | Developer | QA| Designer| Project Lead
Timeline 05 Month

Solepad Background

Contacted OnGraph for an end to end backend development that tightly integrates with and underpins IoT-based SOLEPAD Station- a high-tech IoT device that can measure exact foot size within a second

Our client had the vision to develop a solution through which retailers can maintain and track the customer’s records and information collected from their globally-located stores. The client collaborated with OnGraph to shape up their requirements. We used different technologies, integrated IoT data, and developed a solution that delivers business insights from worldwide stores. We enhanced the application in a way that the business analytics data such as unit sales, the rate of conversion, number of orders and amount reimbursed in each state, pricing details, can be viewed and analyzed on the cloud easily. The application helped businesses in reducing operating costs, increased sales, and optimization of the overall efficiency of the front-end sales function.

Goals & Objectives

IA Modern Solution that Improves Customer Delight for Retailers




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Business Challenges

The client was looking for a dedicated team who could help them meet their vision of an advanced solution for in-store shoe retailing. OnGraph collaborated with the client, understood their requirements and commenced the implementation journey. To make the retail shoe-selling business easier and smoother, our teams had to go through several difficulties:

Implementing Analytics and Reporting Feature

We had to integrate analytics and reporting features for store admins as they needed to have real-time visibility into important information such as customers’ shoe sizes and salesperson activities.

Compatibility Issues

We need to design charts/graphs in a responsive way so that they are compatible with all the other devices such as a tablet, smartphone, and desktop.

Making Stores’ Global Data Accessible to Admin

We faced a few challenges in developing a solution through which the Admin could get access to the relevant global data from all the stores, sales, and conversions.

Deployment of New Tech Stack

Deployment of the new tech stack was difficult for us as it had to be stress-tested in terms of performance, scalability, and efficiency.


The Solution

OnGraph smartly dealt with the challenges and provided apt solutions to the client. We designed the software in a way that it has the ability to fetch all the crucial data such as customers’ details and employees’ sales targets even in an offline mode and maintain it for future business records.

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Added Reporting Feature for Stores

We (OnGraph) introduced a reporting feature that consists of various types of charts that can be downloaded as pdf files. These charts give useful information that can further be utilized to drive business decisions.

Designed Responsive Application

OnGraph helped the client to give Solepad’s dashboard a responsive design to showcase and render graphs and other crucial information across multiple devices and form factors.

Dedicated Professionals

With the help of our experts, we were able to find out the technologies that were the best fit for the application such as Ruby 2.1.2 Rails 4.0.5, MySQL, Ubuntu 16.04. Git was used as a Versioning Tool.

Collective Information in Admin Panel

In order to build specific Admin Panel features, we did extensive research from Admin’s perspective. With the help of our experts, we came up with a solution of adding charts, facts, figures, maps to make it easier for Admin to fetch and utilize global information quickly.

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