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The CRM specifically created to empower sales representatives & retail business


Team Size 06 People
Project Manager | Developer | QA| Designer| Project Lead
Timeline 06 Month

Seladex Background

Seladex was designed as a sales CRM especially for retail companies and independent sales agents who are associated with multiple brands, stores and territories and to track sales and map out commissions for agents.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become pivotal for fashion retailers. It is a method used to effectively nurture, build and manage long-term relationships. Doing all this on spreadsheets is manageable for small businesses with limited amounts of data but it becomes tedious as a firm starts to grow and there is more data to handle every day. Seladex is specifically built for small to large organizations and helps them use resources in the best possible and optimized manner which is one way of creating advantages among industry competitiveness. This requires data gathering for an organization and keeping it all at one place to easily analyze and assign resources or agents across the organization, and a CRM like Seladex serves the purpose well.

Goals & Objectives

Custom made CRM for Independent Sales Representatives and Small to Large Retailers




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Business Challenges

Seladex was initially designed as a CRM for individual sales agents and retailers. The scope of application was vast as it involved implementing complex business logic and algorithms. Since advanced modules that were not part of the scope initially were implemented after the first roll-out, Seladex offered some unique challenges as described below:

Agent Allocation

As a retail owner, you may want to allocate agents based on stores or based on certain brands in a store or even a territory. There was no set rule on how this allocation would happen so the need of a detailed agent allocation module was required.

Commission Model

Agent commissions are calculated based on a lot of factors such as individual contribution to sales, store sales, brand sales, territory sales etc. Hence having an accurate commission model was pivotal for this application.

Reporting & Analytics

A comprehensive reporting module is essential to decipher sales insights. To the extent with which data could be analyzed to get quick insights and the granularity, both were equally important for the client.

Order Management

AInitially the application was built as a CRM and sales tracking tool but as it was rolled out, the need to extend its capability to end-to-end order management became more obvious to the users. Hence the client engaged with the OnGraph team to implement an order management module.


The Solution

Our dedicated team works hard to deliver a fast user interface and the best CRM solution to increase your team’s productivity and streamline the sales process. To make Seladex stand out of the box, we have resolved the above-mentioned business challenges and come with the best solutions ever.

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Pre-defined Architecture

Since the agent allocation module was going to be fairly complex, our team defined the architecture before writing the first line of code for the application. The architecture was defined in a way to manage the complex allocation algorithm that would be written as a part of the application.

Commission Algorithm

Successful implementation of the commission model was only possible by understanding the various fixed and variable components and commission rates to determine the final amount. This knowledge was facilitated by the owner, a renowned veteran in the fashion industry. This knowledge was then translated into logic and an algorithm by the OnGraph team.

Custom Dashboards

OnGraph team implemented a custom reporting module for the client using graph libraries such as GraphQL and d3js. While developing the module the team ensured flexibility for end users so that they can change the view and drill down according to their preference. Users can also create their own reports from scratch and consume them in various downloadable formats such as . txt, . csv, .ppt, . pdf etc.

Modified Architecture

The real challenge here was to modify the existing architecture and database in the most optimized manner so as to implement a seamless order management module that could function independently without hampering the experience of the existing modules and breaking the application at any point.