About Sacred Horizon

A lifelong spiritual aspirant, a yoga teacher, an ayurvedic chef, and a Vedic science student:


Team Size 5 People
Project Manager | Developer | QA| Designer| Project Lead
Timeline 12 Month

Sacred Horizon Background

The client believes in building a direct connection between aspirants looking for spiritual events and retreats, the organizers of such events

The client had an extremely creative and unique approach to developing a website where aspirants can easily search for spiritual events such as meditation, Yoga, holiday events, wellness, spiritual travels, Thanksgiving feasts, satsangs, kirtans, and musical shows. OnGraph helped the client to design an enticing website and with a unique experience, keeping in mind its objective. We used different technologies such as geolocation, AWS services, Braintree to make it possible for aspirants to book events successfully and at the same time, enable retreats to promote their programs. Retreats simply need to register their events by availing 3 free listings offered to them.

Goals & Objectives

Allow Aspirants to Search Events as per their Interest and Let Them Discover their Spiritual Path




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Business Challenges

OnGraph’s team was determined to develop a website that gets noticed by the target audience and delivers a world-class user experience. For that to happen, we had to face multiple challenges such as keeping the information on the website updated and consistent, conducting a competitive analysis to make it different than others, and choosing the right UI/UX design. More details are below:

Payment Process

The client wanted us to integrate PayPal as the payment gateway as it is convenient to make online payments. However, it was challenging for us as it required a lengthy documentation procedure for its implementation.

2-way Authentication

The client had a security requirement to incorporate a 2-way authentication process to safeguard the retreats’ crucial information. It was a time-consuming task as we had to research and analyze different technologies before implementing the aptest one.

Fast and Responsive Website

We were aiming at developing a website whose pages load faster. We used LazyLoading technology to compress the website so that the web pages load faster on different devices be it a smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

Strict Deadlines with Difficult Implementation Process

The client was extremely particular about the deliverables. However, due to the frequent changes in the clients’ requirements, it was challenging for us to understand and deploy them within restricted deadlines..


The Solution

Building an application with clean architecture is extremely important, and so we started working on it. We met all the client’s expectations and thereby achieved our goal of developing a website that connects aspirants with the events they are interested in. Below were the solutions we offered to our client.

amazon web services
Integrated Braintree and PayPal

Braintree was comparatively an easier solution as a payment gateway than Paypal integration, as it does not require a lengthy documentation procedure. However, with the usage of Braintree, we understood how PayPal works and is deployed.

Using 2-way Google Authentication

We chose 2-way Google authentication being one of the most advanced technologies. We brainstormed and researched about it and implemented it to secure and control access to the crucial data of the retreats.

LazyLoading for Faster and Responsive Website

For the faster, quick and responsive website, we used the latest technologies including LazyLoading. We compressed the website to achieve the faster loading of web pages on different devices be it a smartphone, desktop, or a tablet.

Regular Monitoring of the Development Process

With regular client communication and interaction, we got a hold of requirements and made sure we are building the right product that is in line with the client’s expectations. Moreover, the entire project was closely monitored by the Project Manager to ensure that things go as planned.

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