About MYMA

The app is designed for Spain localities and tourists to easily find out events and plan.


Team Size 9 People
Project Manager | Developer | QA| Designer| Project Lead
Timeline180 Days

MYMA Background

MYMA was designed in Spanish with a vision to make it easier for users to discover, enjoy, invite, laugh, savor, imagine and experience what the nearby places have to offer.

MYMA helps users save time in searching for places, events and activities around them. The exclusive in-built planner ensures users don’t plan on activities or events with an overlapping schedule. Keeping this vision in mind OnGraph’s mobile app development team designed and developed the MYMA native app in Android and iOS both, using Java and Objective-C as the programming languages for the platforms respectively. PHP was used for backend coding and MySQL served as the database.

The app requirement by the client included some unique set of features.From listing out local events, activities, attractions and services based on the interests selected by the users, the app gives users the option to book the event tickets or buy passes to an attraction. The app also marks the selected events in a planner which helps users to stay on track and not miss out on any activity. Users can check their daily schedule and enjoy exploring the surroundings and activities of interest.





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Business Challenges

MYMA app is a feature rich app. Developing each of these features with utmost care for both Android and iOS apps was a highly complex task. OnGraph’s mobile app developers faced quite a few challenges while building this app from scratch. Some of these challenges are described below:

Language Support

It was specifically challenging to build this app as our team of developers was not proficient in Spanish. This took some learning and due diligence from the team to design a seamless app in Spanish.

Event Booking Management

Implementing the event booking module came with its own unique challenges, the major issue here was to not allow the users to book or plan events with overlapping schedules.

Smooth UI

It was important to have a clean and smooth user interface for a seamless user experience. Quick loading and easy navigation through the app both were to be designed in a way to ensure a user-friendly app.

Dynamic Pricing & Refunds

Implementing dynamic pricing was most challenging. Changing ticket prices based on specific business logics was not only tough but involved configuring complex algorithms based on various variables.


The Solution

OnGraph’s team was committed to addressing the above-mentioned challenges with innovative solutions. Each challenge was discussed in detail among the development team and various solutions were laid out before picking the most suitable solution. The solutions are described in details below:

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English to Spanish Conversion

To make it easier to implement the spanish language translation of the app, we developed the language conversation mechanism where we developed the app in English first and kept all English to spanish conversions documented in a single file and while releasing the app over the production we enabled the conversion so that end user is able to use the complete app in Spanish.

Non Conflicting Booking

It was of utmost importance to implement non conflicting schedules. For this we integrated both the Google and Apple calendar APIs to sync the event booking with Calendar. This way the users will not be allowed to plan or book an activity if another event or activity is already scheduled at the same time.

Seamless User Interface

To ensure a smooth and seamless user experience, we wrote a completely different UI layer and a separate business logic layer. As these two layers executed separately, any glitches in the complex business logic did not hamper the UI functionality. We also used optimized image sizes for enhanced app performance.

Complex Pricing Algorithm

Implementing dynamic pricing was the most crucial part of the app. Offering a ticket price based on demand on specific days and time involved writing complex algorithms with multiple variables. We also implemented a refund mechanism in case a user canceled an even. We used STRIPE escrow system to make dynamic pricing and the refund process easier.

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