About Diem

Household services in Canada

INDUSTRY: Service Provider

Team Size 9 People
Project Manager | Developer | QA| Designer| Project Lead
Timeline100 Days

Diem Background

Our client, Diem, is a Canada-based entrepreneur. His business aims to simplify on-demand household services in Canada. A popular online local service provider that allows users to experience doorstep service.

Diem Technology’s idea of on-demand application was to acts as a mediator between customers who ask for services and professionals who provide the services.

Leveraging Diem’s application, customers can connect with reliable service experts at a time and price that they’re comfortable with. Customer can request for services in three categories such as on-demand, smart home, and other custom services.

On the other side, a professional can find the most appropriate jobs using filters such as preferred location, particular distance, target price range to get the job offer from users.

To ensure satisfaction, quality, and reliability practiced on the platform, Diem also offers a bundle of features within applications like for one Diem proposed an unusual payment processing where the payment will only be processed once the customer has confirmed, on the application, the satisfactory conclusion of services.

The client got the on-demand mobile application developed for his business using the help of OnGraph Teams’ expertise in application development. Diem, today, is available as a full-fledged application on both App Store and Play Store for free to users.





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Business Challenges

Diem had a highly refined business concept among other on-demand mobile applications. That was the application's uniqueness and a challenge for our developers. The actual concern with the app was the required functionalities that suppose to oscillate on both front-ends. Here are the details on challenges that OnGraph team overcame to develop a full-fledged mobile application to deal with on-demand services efficiently on both ends.

User Identity Verification

Diem has assured genuine service for both of its customers and professionals. It was important that customers trust on the platform that they will receive service as promised. Professionals also needed to believe in the platform that they will only provide genuine customers.

Maintain Functionalities Between Request, Quote, and Acceptance

Diem was supposed to allow customers to summon the service providers by making the right matches. Customers were also allowed to set their budget for the required service and other specifications. Though the facility was great for users, a complex structure needed to maintain it in the backend.

Location Tracking

Location tracking has a role in the on-demand app beyond offering tracking assistant to consumers. It is important in an app to be precise in determining service locations, customer locations, tracking of service providers, and help users in navigation.

Keep A Tune With Payment Flow

Payment flow was highly tough to deal with. There were several payment stages in the business model for both users. For example, customers have to pay at the time of availing a service, but the payment to the professional's account will only be credited after the confirmation of satisfactory completion by the customer.


The Solution

Our team already held hands-on experience in e-commerce business solutions. Therefore, we processed the development of Diem for iOS and Android. We approached different parameters at different steps to achieve the desired outcome, such as:

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Use Phone Number and Email Id and Other Methods

We used the Phone Number and Email ID as a primary user identity verification tool. It helps us ensure that the same person has not linked with more than one account. We also used captcha on top of that. Additionally, there was manual verification for professionals; still, we integrated APIs for utmost satisfaction. Number Masking also included maintaining complete privacy of the user’s details.

Match-Matching Algorithm

To deal with the complexity of customer’s input such as type of requested service, a location where the service has to be performed, pricing, specific preferences’, and ‘ratings’ and more, we used a match-making algorithm. The algorithm makes a match by sending out requests to the most optimum list of service providers.

Google Maps APIs & Google Maps SDK

Used integrated Google Maps APIs along with Google Maps SDK for iOS apps or the Android API for location support in Diem. Google Maps Geocoding API, Google Places API, Google Maps Directions API, Distance Matrix API, and Geo-fencing appropriately place that increases the app’s scalability.

Payment API Secured by JPMorgan Chase

Our developers work hard on business logic, included different payment APIs, and secured the whole payment process accordingly. As per the business model, we automate debit, credit, and refund processes within the system.

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