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Team Size 7 People
Project Manager | Developers | Project Lead | QA
Timeline 24 Month

Classic SpecBackground

Classic Spec is an online optical store managed and operated by our client, based in the US. Our client began to offer a custom eyewear development service in 2010. They partnered with OnGraph to get an e-commerce website implemented for their optical business with a view to generating more online business opportunities.

Keeping in view the same client’s vision of the online version of Classic Spec like the client, we leveraged an amalgamation of multiple technologies. As an outcome, the website got a fantastic layout coupled with multiple functions and features. A user can order a perfect frame of their liking. Users are also allowed to add doctor’s prescriptions while placing their order online. It allows users to track their order details as well as collect warranty card for their orders. Endeavors were made by OnGraph developers to build a robust admin panel that enables Classic Spec’s team to collect worldwide customer data and efficiently manage business operations.


Implementing a comprehensive online store for Eyewear




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Business Challenges

The client wanted to give their users a completely personalized experience. They approached us with a rough sketch of requirements regarding an e-commerce platform, which was supposed to be shaped into a full-fledged website. Accomplishing this was not devoid of challenges for us. Here are the technical difficulties that came our way.

Multiple Database Management

The website used multiple databases, each for different purposes. Finding the right technology that could help in managing multiple databases was one of the biggest challenges.


Being an e-commerce website, it was crucial that the application remains highly responsive. We had to meet the response time benchmark of less than 2 seconds. Beyond this, the website was also required to be SEO friendly.

Gaining 100% Test Coverage

Due to the e-commerce nature, Classic Spec needed to attain 100% test coverage at every step of the development. This was a critical success factor to deliver a world-class and flawless user experience.


Apart from ensuring the overall application security, choosing a perfect payment gateway for the site to make successful transactions was crucial. Team shouldered this responsibility and proposed the most apt security solution.


The Solution

OnGraph Team was all set to deliver something beyond the client’s expectations. Our client was expecting something outstanding from us. And in order to deliver exceptional results, we provided best-fit and sustainable solutions for all the challenges like an industry expert. The extensive effort went into brainstorming and selecting the right technology stack. Our developers were on a mission guided continually to come up with an e-commerce solution that not only keeps the users engaged but also invokes a sense of desire and action.

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Sequelize ORM & PolyGlot Library

Our experts evaluated multiple platforms and finally narrowed them down to sequelize ORM, which was capable to handle multiple databases together. The developer’s PolyGlot Library prevents any slowdown in application development and performance.

Test-Driven Development

Classic Spec Team leveraged Test Driven Development methodology throughout the development journey. We implemented Angular Universal, Chai, and Mocha that improved increased user experience and boosted the speed-up development process respectively. Moreover, the team performed query optimizations and improvements using MySQL Views.

Robust System Architecture and SEO Strategy Execution

Instead of choosing sequential programming, we designed an architecture that executed complex pieces of code and database queries in parallel. We also used promises blocks that reduced API execution time. Our digital marketing team devised a successful SEO strategy and under which, link-building was performed carefully to attain desired SEO results.

Future-Focused Security Architecture

To secure all the sensitive information like customer’s data, card details, contact information, etc., we deployed the app using AWS, MongoDB, and MySQL. The selected technology stack helped us achieve the required security for personal data and the overall website.

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