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All-in-one blockchain based messaging and social commerce application

INDUSTRY: (Social Commerce) INDUSTRY

Team Size 9 People
Project Manager | Developer | QA| Designer| Project Lead
Timeline180 Days

Allchat Background

Our client is a Malaysia-based entrepreneur. He came up with a unique idea to build a creative community platform for smartphones. The community was envisioned to build based on the 5C concept, i.e. a platform that brings together the notions of community building, commerce, connectivity, communication, and continuity.

AllChat, today, is available as a full-fledged application powered by open-source blockchain technology. Leveraging this encrypted platform, users share photos, videos, send payments, opt for gift redemptions, and other creative social content. Available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store for free, the app earned 10,000+ installations to date. It was specifically designed for the Malaysian audience with salient features such as Encrypted Social Elements, text messaging, voice messaging, social wall, location sharing, likes, comments, among a few others. The application is enriched with striking features such as Event Management, AllChat World Token, Custom Chat Modules, and intuitive Chat Stickers, which not only keep the community members engaged but also provide them with a smarter and smart, and personalized experience.





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Business Challenges

The client approached OnGaph to build a highly-customized mobile app with intuitive UI and user-engagement features for his social community & commerce platform. The ask was to build complex features without compromising user experience. These features include, but to restricted to, profile management, admin panel, event management system, chat system, game integration, event highlights, and live video streaming. Listed below are a few challenges that the team had to address:

Profile And Status Management:

The app was required to be efficient in managing thousands of users and their personalized data. Complete control was required to be given to users as well as admin.

Contact Suggestion:

Since the aim was to target millions of Malaysians, proffering friends, family and acquaintances names as contact suggestions too was pivotal for enhanced user experience.

Choosing The Right Technology:

Choosing the right tech stack out of several options available and finding the right ORM Framework was a bit challenging for us.

Token Distribution:

Managing and distributing tokens for every user whenever he/she uses communication and social features like chat, like, dislike, comment, etc was a bit challenging, initially.


The Solution

According to the idea behind AllChat development, users can use it as a social platform and perform so many activities using its exciting features. Though developers focused on building AllChat a trendy and stylish mobile app, immense attention also paid to keep the app exceptionally safe and secure. We approached different parameters at different steps to achieve the desired outcome, such as:

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Tab Integration:

We built predefined modules with a set of tabs, default fields and layout that specifically showcase status reports for the user. It allowed not only the users but also the admin to track, update and complete the required verification, and use the app flawlessly.

Algorithm Integration:

In order to store, mine and process such a huge number of contacts and also ensure data security, we integrated third-party algorithms within the app. The algorithm helped us incorporate within the app the capability to suggest to users their mutual contacts, friends and family members and acquaintances based on live location.

Spring and Hibernate:

We used Spring for web services development and calling APIs from the mobile application. It provided support for AOP, web MVC, RESTful web services – while also ensuring ease in testing and mapping. To enable auto-creation of database tables, we leveraged Hibernate as the ORM Framework.

Custom Plugins on OpenFire:

To simplify token distribution and management system, we developed plugins on Openfire. These custom plugins together with APIs, helped us easily track who is engaged with whom, and how many activities were being performed – which, in turn, enabled the individual to earn credits.

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