How Ongraph Can Help You Build Alexa Skills?

By ongraph | April 6, 2018 | 711 Views

What is Alexa?

The potential for enterprises of any size to have a digital assistant that can quickly find and report significant information, as well as slicing and dice the data according to user commands is incredibly exciting.

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service, and it is also regarded as the brain behind numerous devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. In this era where smart devices are being practiced everywhere, it is worth contemplating that new software and products have to come up with voice functionality. Alexa skills are commands or programs that allows Alexa to use read the content on the internet and support users to access it voice-assisted technology.

How Alexa Development helps Consumer Businesses?

Any business application can be combined with Amazon Alexa to provide an innovative level of user experience to the customers.

Let’s take an example of Uber, the cab service with Alexa Skill. It is just like saying “Alexa, hire a taxi,” and the taxi reaches your place in minutes, you can also combine your mobile application with Amazon Alexa with defined Amazon Alexa skills development that represents your app features. It does not value if the mobile application correlates to any industry like food, travel and beverage & transport, sport or fitness; Alexa skills development will surely bring the user experience to the next level.

We know specifically how to add voice to your Big Idea:

Ongraph is blessed with a pool of talented developers who are so enthusiastic to enable businesses with voice-enabled applications. Our expert, Alexa Skills developers, have expertise in the following:

Alexa Skills Kit (ASK): Alexa Skills KIt is an SDK that is having a predefined Skill sets which can be utilized to program any IoT device to Alexa. For example, any smartwatch, sensor or thermostat can be combined and can be made cooperative with Alexa through ASK. We have expertise in mobile app integration which supports your mobile application balancing up Alexa Skills with mobile device command and performance.

Design: To give your users a prominent voice experience, we will assist you to design a rich voice interaction by our complete understanding of the design process. Our years of experience in making interactive mobile applications will assist you in planning what users will respond and how Alexa will respond. We will make sure your interaction seems natural, adds or passes value and works in the way that you believed while testing it.

Building and Hosting: Our team of Alexa Skills development will support you in constructing and hosting your skills in the cloud.

Launch: When the Skill is available and tested, we will assist you in submitting it for certification, and once it succeeds, it will be announced in the Alexa Skills Store.

Let dedicated app developers bring life to your Alexa app idea: Directly engage with your customers through sound on Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Fire TV devices and devices powered by the Alexa Voice Service.

Ongraph has expertise in iPhone and Android apps and can bring an international perspective by serving global clients. Hire dedicated app developers with extraordinary design and improvement skills to foster your ideas for Amazon Alexa app development.

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