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Posted by ongraph · May 15, 2015 · 3 Min read

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With only a few goals in mind, OnGraph started its journey in early 2005. With its headquarters in UK and development centers in India, OnGraph has paved its way by 2 strong foundations – total client focus and 100% customer satisfaction.


It has passed several milestones and one of the milestone it has achieved is being listed as AWS Technology Partner. AWS lists its partners in two broad categories namely Technology Partners and Consulting Partners. Technology Partners include independent software vendors (ISVs), SaaS, PaaS, developer tools, management and security vendors. Consulting Partners include System Integrators (SIs), strategic consultancies, resellers, agencies and value-added retailers/resellers (VARs).


With names like Unilever,, Neustar, CrowdSource, Spindox etc., OnGraph Technologies is proud to be a certified partner with Amazon Web Services. OnGraph has a resource pool of designers, developers and new media experts who provide technological development and consultation services to clients all across the globe. With lots of benefits like Marketing and Promotion, APN Programs, Technical Development & Training till your business enablement, it provides plethora of services and unlocks the door for OnGraph as an AWS partner. Several of our products are listed on Amazon platform. Some of the best works listed are AirGol, GetVee, GradReady are successfully deployed and leveraging the Amazon Web Services’ platform’s extensive services. 


OnGraph specializes in plethora of Amazon Web Services including their cloud infrastructure offerings. OnGraph has experience in dealing with Amazon’s hosting platform, performance optimization, leveraging its website bulder resources, EC2 cloud services, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) services. No matter what you have to develop and deploy, from simple websites to complex web applications, from simplest of mobile applications to complex gaming applications, Amazon provides all the services depending on your needs.


Different domains catering to versatile industry segments can make an effective use of Amazon’s in built development and performance enhancement tools which can be leveraged for development of a highly scalable, efficient and robust website, web application or mobile application. If you are worrying about the data, then also you are in absolute safe hands. The high level of data security and cloud based data services provides a highly efficient way of storing and delivering your data with utmost level of security for your data regardless of location from where you might access it.


An excellent platform to host your applications and store your data effortlessly and seamlessly, you have no reason to not like it. OnGraph Technologies prides itself for being a partner of Amazon Web Services Platform.

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