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November 19, 2015 | 1320 Views

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Marketing is an important aspect of communication which determines the value of a product or service. Undoubtedly marketing is no cake-walk. Ever since Gartner predicted the rabid increase in mobile advertising revenue, the next-thing-which-help-selling has re-located its center.


Why mobile marketing?


Prediction and Penetration.


In year 2014, a prediction was made that mobiles would surpass desktops. The prophecy speaks for itself. No longer computers are used as they were a few decades ago.


Phones penetrates the reality we live. We are around 7.3 billion on this planet, out of which 3.65 billion are unique global mobile users. The penetration of handset device goes deep in our reality.


To ignore it would be either intellectual arrogance or foolishness.


What is Mobile Marketing?



All the promotional activities which uses mobile as a medium. Devices used may include cell phones, tablets, smart phones or other handheld devices.

Famous kinds of Mobile Marketing


Out there are plethora of ways to market your product through a phone. Selection of the most suitable one for you would depend on your budget, nature of enterprise and target audience. You can pick any one of them, or a combination, after gauging your circumstance. Let’s look at types that exists, to make a better decision.



a. Application based Marketing


You don’t need to build a mobile app for this. Availability of several mobile advertising platforms makes this an easy task. For example, Google AdMob helps advertisers to create mobile ads that appear in the third-party mobile apps. Facebook also offers advertisers to integrate their ads in its mobile app.



Your ad can be integrated in a mobile app like one shown above.



b. Location based marketing


If you desire to make people aware about your restaurant, say within 1 mile radius of your area, the location based marketing would be a good shot.



It involves ads that appear your phone relative to the location of an enterprise.



c. In- game mobile marketing


In-game mobile marketing refers to the ads that appear as pop-ups during games. Like the one shown in the picture below.



It may appear on the fringe or as a full image as, either including only text or maybe a video at times.



d. QR Code


QR Code are quick reader code which allows users to obtain information using a mobile phone. Use of QR code in marketing helps in quick communication about the business.. You can read about QR codes in detail at Past, Present and Future of QR Code.



e. SMS


It involves sending of text messages to a user’s phone number.




Mobile marketing has re-defined communication. In the end the target is to enhance user experience. New ways to market shall emerge, but the prime mantra is: be concise, know your audience and don’t forget to experiment.  

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