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In comparison to an startups and SMBs, MNCs carry a myriad of activities to make their global presence in the tech world. Enterprises are always on a lookout for mobility solutions to bring automation in the work process and services in order to enhance business productivity and performance at the same time and this can be easily achieved by hiring the best mobile app development company.

This speaks to the requirement of an IT department working on several computing needs that include software, hardware, and networking services. Prior to the establishment of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, firewalls of the enterprises used to be closed and safe with wired or wireless networks.

Today, mobiles have completely modified the overall scenario of workforce and customer facing application. Thus, IT departments of enterprises are in search of alternatives for mobile application development so as to mark the present-day requirements and procure the most out of the ongoing trends.

In this blog, we have described some solid facts regarding the Enterprise mobile app development and have also talked about how to leverage the trends in favor of their enterprises. Let’s get started.

Facts About Enterprise Mobile Application Development

  • Smarter Mobiles
    The main function of a smartphone is to make calls. However, with additional computing and network connectivity capabilities, mobiles have become smarter. Today, we have artificial intelligence as tech evolution in order to make mobile even more intelligent and also more human-like.
    For example, Cortana, Alexa, Siri, and Google like personal digital assistants so as to help mobile users in absolute ways. Since the  ultimate goal of mobile enterprise application is to enhance the productivity of working staff and to offer outstanding user experiences to its valued customers as well as clients.
    In such situations, the additional features in enterprise application to leverage AI and Ambient Artificial Intelligence technologies can assist enterprise app developers to make investment for mobile app development worthwhile for their enterprises.
  • Customized Apps for Bespoke Needs
    Several enterprises would go for a mobile app just because their competitor enterprises have. And so, they direct their mobile app development companies to just copy the features as well as functionalities and vary only in appearance.

    Alas, enterprise app development is not low-cost at investment point of view. Furthermore, updating the app and maintaining it for enhanced performance require added resources as well as budget.

    Thus, developing a customized mobile application for your enterprise that can convey your bespoke needs with many intended goals such as dealing with external clients, assisting in various operations both internally as well as externally, dealing with B2B businesses, and branding the whole enterprise by providing various marketing campaigns involving mobile apps in the same.

  • Consider BYOD Trends in Mobile App Development
    There are in-house and also field staff working privately for an enterprise and require mobility and flexibility. A well-developed mobile app can cover everyone in an enterprise. However, mobile OS platforms vary from one device to other and also from user to user. In order to access the same enterprise databases, some users bring iOS devices, others Android devices, and many others bring laptops or desktops as big computing devices. This phenomenon is known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices). It leads to mobile app development compatibility being exciting and also whether the enterprise opt for a blend of mobile OS applications and web applications or go for cross-platform apps as an exhaustive solution.
    If you wish to consider BYOD trends for your enterprise mobile app development, then user experiences should have priority rather than mobile OS preferences.
  • Availability of Priorities During Mobile App Development
    As the enterprises rely on a wide array of statistics and mobile computing devices as well as smart machines for its computing and software requirements, app availability has always been a matter of concern for app developers. They have to test the app for the different modes of connectivity such as wireless like LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G and also wired. It is difficult to maintain high performance when connectivity is low. However, enterprise mobile apps must have some offline storing and updating capabilities during the restoration of connectivity.
  • Security Concerns Crucial for Mobile App Development
    From the personal as well as business point of views, the enterprise data is quite sensitive, especially when it uncovers via highly exposed mobile apps to the world outside.
    For example, to a customers accessing the apps or employees working in the field. Practices like BYOD add to the security concerns as the control over device type or level security is beyond the mobile app developers or even the enterprise’ IT department. A different mode of connectivity such as public Wi-Fi for an enterprise application database makes an enterprise mobile app vulnerable for malignant elements present on the web and digital world in the vicinity.

Revolutionary Ideas For Businesses to Develop Enterprise Apps

Organizations today are understanding the significance of offering the employees the option to choose the device as well as apps of their choice in order to finish a particular task.This clearly is putting a high constraint on IT departments to build a bigger variety of mobile apps.

When most of the organizations are still analyzing the tools, technology, and vendors for enterprise apps development, here we bring some of the app ideas for you which can be used by businesses to build their enterprise apps:

  • Real-Time Inventory App
    This app is of great benefit to the sales representatives who frequently visit the off-site clients. It can save a substantial amount of administrative effort and also creates a great impression of sales representatives in front of the customers by offering the real-time demand details.
  • Support Apps
    When a customer makes a request for assistance or submits a support ticket, the appropriate department or team gets notified by an internal support app to act swiftly on the ticket and resolve the issue quickly to attain greater customer satisfaction.
  • Knowledge and Product Training Apps
    It is required of sales representatives to be well aware of the latest products and services. In order to achieve this goal, enterprises can develop an app which can replicate a “pre-call” arrangement with a customer. The representatives can get more up in the level or badges via right answers. This way of updating the sales representatives about the latest offerings can be quite interesting.
    Every organization has a ton of presentations as well as documents regarding the product and services information, whitepapers, case studies, best practices and much more. However, all the employees do not always make use or are aware of those. Having a prepared access to the resource library which can be searched easily can prove to be of enormous value for everyone in the organization.
  • Marketing Apps
    The results of the many campaigns run by marketing teams generally are not always visible to the rest of the business stakeholders. An app providing a whole overview of different campaigns in a visual manner can help all the stakeholders to get a better realization of the marketing initiatives.
  • Quoting Apps
    Sales representatives always are in a lookout for an easy way to generate accurate quotes that too instantly to be always on the move. Apps which can help them choose the products and price and also configure the quote can hugely help in the swift and rapid closing of the deals. Enterprises can make use of a few already available apps for such a purpose.

Wrapping Up

We have observed that building an enterprise mobile application requires focus as well as altogether different concerns that you need for professional mobile apps or applications for SMBs. Taking into consideration security aspects in a highly vulnerable environment of enterprises via BYOD and varying modes of connectivity is in fact a challenge for even the experienced mobile app developers with prolonged expertise.

So if you are looking for a proficient consultant to guide you through your unique mobile app development project for your enterprise, then we are right here for your perusal. Please, contact us or drop us an email and our team will get back to all your queries very soon.

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