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Track Each Step with Live Locations

Share your live location with others instantly without any hassle. Whether you want to search, track or connect with your colleagues and family, with Map Integrated App Development Services, you can do all of it on the go. We believe in enhancing your exploring experiences.

  1. Personalized Customer Engagement
  2. Actionable Intelligence
  3. Comprehensive Administration

Launch Your Branded Map Integrated App

Launch Your Branded Map Integrated App

Car Pooling

Launch your Uber-like clone taxi application that make location sharing easy, safe, useful, temporary and private.

Launch Your Branded Map Integrated App

Taxi Startups

Give your stranded drivers peace of mind with an app that keeps them updated with their own location, customer's real-time location and similar ETA on the way.

Launch Your Branded Map Integrated App

Service Appointments

Google Maps Integration within application enable field staff to be engaged in the entire journey while helping them perform jobs like initial confirmation to real-time location tracking, ETA, and feedback.

Launch Your Branded Map Integrated App

Food Delivery

Generalities aren’t enough. Acquire map integrated app and let your customers know exactly where their food is and when it will arrive so they'll keep come back.

Launch Your Branded Map Integrated App

Logistics & Supply

Let your customers track their logistic requirements so that they remain well-informed about their deliverables and can efficiently manage their schedules to receive them.

Launch Your Branded Map Integrated App

Location Tracking

We help you embed location-sharing across Mobile, Wearables and Family hub devices to reduce waiting times while increasing security.


Allow your Customers to track their Orders

Map integrated app provide a hassle-free service with real-time location tracking feature. Make your online interactions with your customers easier and convenient while knowing the current location of their orders. Most-demanding features of our user application include:

  • Log In With Social Media
  • Search product/service In Nearby Location And Cities
  • Search And Book Based On Category
  • Live Order Tracking

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Start Developing Map Integrated App with our Experts

Being the most popular Integrated Mobile App Development service company, we master in developing Offline Maps & Navigation that enhances your users’ location-sharing experience. We also provide building blocks to add location features like maps, search, and navigation. Our experienced engineers are working hard to shape up the future of mobile apps and navigation system to let people move around in the cities and explore the world.

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Benefits of Pre Developed Application

Benefits of Pre Developed Application

iOS/Android Compatible

A pre-developed app with compatibility to iOS/Android and cross-platform proved to be a cost-saving solution and ensures early market entry with an MVP. Now integrate navigation in Android application or iOS Application flawlessly to deliver business-centric solutions.

Benefits of Pre Developed Application

Efficient Map Rendering

The API is worked for HTML5-skilled environments to expand map and map object rendering efficiency on devices like mobile and desktops.

Benefits of Pre Developed Application

Web Integrations

You can integrate application facilitating map into existing or custom services by pushing new events directly into other REST services using webhooks.

Benefits of Pre Developed Application


The API gives full access to geocoding and switch geocoding services.

Benefits of Pre Developed Application


Make your business app a part of a bigger ecosystem which functions efficiently around mobile devices and web between individuals, groups and, communities etc.

Benefits of Pre Developed Application


The app allows you track users and get the full information about their behavior. Through this, you can measure the success of your application.

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