How To Make Money With Uber Like Taxi App?

Posted by Alka Singh · December 28, 2018 · 5 Min read

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Before today, it was difficult to book a taxi for your visit. Whether you wanted to take a commute within the city or were planning to go out of the station, you needed at least one week to book a taxi. Now things have changed drastically with on-demand taxi-booking applications developed by  mobile app development company.

Hiring a taxi in seconds is possible. In the taxi service industry, Uber and Ola has surpassed the competition and has expanded the business worldwide and making significant capital. Whereas, Lyft, Hailo and other Uber-like apps are operating a business within their city and generating good business from local users.

Why On-Demand Uber Like Taxi Service?

1) A Perfect Substitute To Offline Business: When a user opens Uber or Ola apps developed through android app development services, they have multiple options available for travel. Right from Daily Rides to Rentals at flexible hourly packages to Outstation support, a user has everything just right away a tab: no phone calls, no pre-booking, no waiting and no last minute inconvenience of any kind.

2) Clarity: Alongside excellent commuting experience, a user always seeks security. Uber and Uber-like taxi apps are security-focused today. Even it’s become the first most priority for the service providers. Now when a user books a ride, they get complete details of the driver. Right from the driver’s name, a user receives his contact number, taxi number and even can track the vehicle location in real time. Not only this, once a user begins their ride, they have the option to share ride details to their contacts, and the shared information can be tracked in real time by the connections — this complete peace of mind and sense for security making the taxi booking business one of the among generating significant revenue in the world.

3) Streamlined Business Process: In offline cab booking service business, one of the biggest challenges is you can’t track cabs or vehicles. Knowing and monitoring the driver’s efficiency is also not possible. Though you can collect customer feedback manually, it will not be much effective. However, on-demand mobile based uber like taxi operating business provides you complete control and streamlined process easier for the success.

If you are convinced and thinking about custom marketplace app development for taxi business, you must focus on optimizing the three significant parts of the solution correctly:

Passenger Application Development: In today’s tech-savvy world, passenger application doesn’t need much introduction. Still, it’s the most crucial part of the businesses because your potential users are going to use it. Your focus should be on delivering convenience to passengers. Therefore, try to develop an app with features that help perform intuitive actions. Like google maps integration for live tracking, registration/login system, online booking & it’s records, communication through messages, calls, notification, etc., cost optimization, discounts, offers, tokens, rewards, multiple payment options, ride tracking and ridesharing and rating & review options are the topmost features to be available in your application irrespective of application platform.

A Driver Application: The driver section has not much different than passenger application, but yet another significant part of the solution to avoid conflicts and operate a business. Important components of a driver’s application include registration/login, notification & calling for communication, driving history, navigation system, as well as an option to cancel the booking, if occupied in other services. A driver receives booking from nearby areas, and in the case of pre-booking, the on-demand app sends the reminder notification to passengers & drivers to update both.

Admin Panel Application: Though you will use this application, this will be your master platform. Admin Panel Application is designed for taxi business owner. Being a user of the admin panel, you get the access to driver panel as well as passenger panel. You can look, update and manage all database of online business such as page information, rates, reviews, language and faq documentations. Being a business owner, you can view the drivers rating, review and payment history and access the real-time drive location. Since this application enables you to manage your business, coordinate with the marketplace app development company to get it done right. You also must understand the potential of the platform as it helps you grow your business strategically. Find below a list of features which should be in your admin panel; user management, drivers management, user trip management, vehicle rate management, promo code, bookings schedule, payment option, tracking system, etc.

Wrapping Up: Create a mobile app like uber and earn money online. The concept of on-demand uber like taxi business is an ideal adoption for those who have been in the transportation business and not making good money due to Uber Ola, etc. However, the actual reason for not earning well is not available when your potential user looks for you. You should be there where your users are, and your users are searching you in Apple Stores.

Note: Developing an Uber-like Taxi application and earning good however is not easy if you don’t have an app up to the standard. Uber taxi business is a complex system since they are using the world’s advanced technologies to improve customer experience day by day. If you are serious about launching uber like cab booking application, drop OnGraph a query. With years of experience and sound knowledge of technology and frameworks, we build excellent applications for Andriod and iOS platforms.

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