Is your App Failing? Here are Systematic Ways to Improve your App

Posted by Shiva Gaur · July 11, 2019 · 9 Min read

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There were around 205.4 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2018 and it is assumed that the number will grow up to 258.2 billion app downloads till 2022? 

Isn’t that surreal!

This number shows how drastically the app development is going on! However, to stay ahead of the competition you need to focus more than just building an app and serving it to your audience! 

But of the hundreds of apps uploaded daily roughly 35 percent makes an impact in the market, which means the instant failure rate is 65 percent. Keep reading to find out why and what’s the answer?

So, before you jump into building an app, let’s start understanding why your app might have failed before even getting launched!


Why Your App Failed?

The reasons can be several such as:

  • Your business plan didn’t stay constant 
  • You chose the wrong platform
  • The user experience didn’t work well
  • Your app wasn’t technologically relevant
  • Your app didn’t follow the guidelines
  • Your focus was to build an “App”, not the “Ecosystem”

But losing hope isn’t a solution to your problem!

You want your business to be successful, lucrative, and popular, right? For that to happen you read several articles on the Internet like “How to Get Funded” and “How to Make Zillion Dollars with Your First App?” 

However, app success starts with analyzing why mobile apps fail, not why a single app out of thousands succeeds. Let’s understand the wrong choices and preferences that you make while building an application. 

1.  Imprecise Ideas or Bad Execution

You might be thinking that your app idea is outstanding. Though thinking that way is natural and there is nothing wrong in assuming your idea as unique, however, it can be counterproductive. 

How? Let’s understand!   

Instead of building castles about having your app idea in place and thinking that customers are going to love your app, you should understand why most applications fail, either because of poor research or bad execution. Rather you should be asking questions to yourself like:

  • Did I research the market?
  • Did I define my target audience?
  • Did I check out our competitors and their applications?
  • Did I run the numbers to check whether my app will provide a return on investment?
  • Did I test the idea with my target audience


Failing Early is a Lot Less Painful

You might have failed a lot earlier in your app development process due to reasons such as:

  • You didn’t choose the right professionals to design(UI matters), develop, and market your application.
  • You failed to deliver a visually attractive, compelling design, and a killer user experience that is a must nowadays.


2. You Followed Inappropriate Strategy

Often people think that developing an application simply includes designing, marketing, getting visitors, and making a fortune out of it. However, many businesses not even go beyond the first step. In case they are able to get through the designing, development, and marketing steps right, they still require an appropriate monetization strategy. 

According to Gartner, just 0.01 percent of mobile applications are considered as financially successful. Why only 0.01 percent succeed, why not more? 

Because they lack originality, crucial features, target audience, and may have usability issues as well. Apart from all this, the most common reason for the failure of the mobile apps is their owners aren’t able to properly monetize the apps. 


3. You Lack Persistence While Iterating

App success entirely depends on a feasible app idea, a well-structured marketing plan, and a tested app monetization strategy. 

You might be wondering, “I have implemented all of it, but still my app is failing”? Why?

The most important thing is to have patience and persistence while iterating and making changes to your application after its implementation. You might need to change a lot of stuff after when you’ve launched your app such as design, layout, marketing strategy. There are chances that you need to introduce new features and functionalities to make sure it is useful for the end-users.  

You can choose either of the ways:

  • Try to solve mobile app issues
  • Abandon the app in the middle 
  • Or run more tests to figure out how to increase downloads

Maybe the app idea you’ve introduced is just perfect, but you’re failing just because you already lost patience and don’t want to try and test the few bugs in the app functionality or marketing. 

Not working on your mistakes is the biggest sin, so don’t be lazy or hasty, instead, tweak and iterate again and again.  


How Can You Improve Your App? 

In order to improve your app, you need to research, research, and research some really good stuff! And, don’t get fooled by all the click bait articles like “Create An App In 3 Easy Steps!”. I have mentioned certain ways through which you can definitely cross that barrier of improper planning and lack of strategy to get on the right track.

Time to do Some Real Due Diligence!

The very first step that you should take while developing an app is to analyze the market, your target audience, and their choices and preferences. 

And How to do that?

All you need to do is look at the most popular apps in your category be it on app stores like Google Play Store or App Store. Although you may find several top X applications, take them with a great deal of skepticism, and compare those apps with your app idea. Also, look for free and paid charts in the app stores. Do not forget that your goal is to spot trends and analyze them deeply. 

Once you gather some data, question yourself whether your app idea fits into those trends or not. There are chances that you might get a positive result, or have to face a quick and harsh reality that your idea just doesn’t work. Now that you have spent a lot of time on data analysis, it is time to get the answers to the following questions:

  • Is your idea justified by market research?
  • Or is it something you want to create just for the sake of it?

It’s not ideal to design an application just because you want that, instead, you should focus upon what your customers want, how to enhance their user experience while keeping your business objectives in mind.

Failed a Lot Earlier? Keep it Positive!


“There are no failures, just experiences”

-Des Coroy

Although failing early not just saves a lot of your time, money and effort, it also gives you an all-new experience and keeps you out of the dilemma whether your app is going to work or not. 

Moreover, to guarantee a great user experience, you should be focusing more on your research part and try to:

  • Stick to your users’ choices and preferences
  • Find out ways to give users a whole new experience
  • Look at other successful apps and develop your own perspective 
  • Be more focused on what others have done well and what could they improve?

What Kind of Systematic Solutions do you Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

You tend to get attracted to familiar brands that promise solutions for all your interconnected problems or the crucial aspects of your lives such as transportation, accommodation, shopping, and health management. 

A systematic approach can help to deliver a set of products or solutions that take care of multiple problems at once. 

Let’s take examples of certain companies who follow this approach of targetting multiple areas that users would want to explore. 

  1. Spotify not only allows listeners to entertain themselves with uncountable songs but also offers audio stories, stand-up shows, and podcasts. 
  2. Uber started as a taxi service which has now turned into a global transportation network with carpools along with food deliveries. 
  3. WeTransfer is a cloud-based computer file transfer service which started as a way to send large files online conveniently. Now, it also provides tools for capturing your creativity. 
  4. Airbnb is an American online marketplace and hospitality service which initially used to be just a peer-to-peer accommodation platform. However, now it includes boutique hotels and tailors to business travelers as well. 

The point is to make you understand, that focusing too much on just single-issue increases the risk of being wiped out by the giants. The success of the above-mentioned companies comes from solving separate problems by creating a single ecosystem where everyday life can be simplified. 

Let ‘s take an example of Apple. iOS application development companies incorporated the solution within their own niche or ecosystem. 

Therefore, for instance, if you’re planning to develop a health-related app, try to cover different aspects related to it such as yoga, mental health, walking, food tracker, and so on. This would not only help you to engage your target audience more but will also stop them from getting attracted towards other similar applications.  

How to Switch from “Creating an App” to Adopting a “Systematic Approach”?


  • First of all, you should understand the industry in a broader sense instead of taking it just an app business. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think what all you would want to do to simplify your life. Think out of the box and come up with solutions that can solve multiple problems using a single app.   
  • Although it is hard to set up a dream goal especially if you are a startup without a unique product, having a dream goal can give you directions to move ahead. So, start thinking big.  
  • One of the most important things to consider is to not just focus on one narrow niche. Diversify your product to grow and for that to happen, use your resources in a complimentary way. For instance, Uber started as a pool of drivers and vehicles, but now the company has also started taking food orders. Thereby, resulting in more significant growth than the ride-hailing business.


Few Parting Tips

So, what’s the message?

In the world full of tech markets overflowing with applications, it is important to create a system full of enriched products and aim at solving the entire spectrum rather than focusing on a single problem. 

This way you can have more control over your future business aspects. However, if you are just getting started, have an app idea but confused from where to implement, you can always take help of trusted and reliable app development companies such as OnGraph Technologies, who can enlighten you with some creative app designing and development ideas. 

Let’s get started!!


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