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The way people communicate is changing rapidly, that’s the reason, the telecom industry needs to re-evaluate and modify their core services to keep up with the upcoming challenges. Designing innovative solutions help you build lasting revenue streams, broaden your customer base, and provide users with key services.

With a high-level of competition, it becomes imperative for the telecom industry to focus on developing a solution that is not only budget-friendly but also useful in handling different processes. Hiring a dedicated telecom app development company will resolve all the challenges, save plenty of your time, and help you deliver seamless customer experience.

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Hire Telecom App Development Company to Develop Effective Solutions

Automating your telecom business processes with a dedicated app development company will contribute to building a foundation for successful new initiatives. The solutions offered by experienced developers will not only help in enhancing the market responsiveness but also give you a seamless, flexible and responsive organization.

Some groundbreaking solutions that can directly enhance and smoothen your businesses’ efficiency are:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Customer & Product Insights
  • Revenue-Enhancing Models
  • Wallet Payment App
  • Third-party Merchant App
  • Signal and Monitoring App
  • Network Tracking
  • Subscriber Identification Module

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I had a great experience working with Ongraph. I had a professional and reliable experience. I worked with really skilled native iOS and Android developers who are patient, take feedback well and work efficiently. I highly recommend Ongraph Technologies as a reliable mobile app development partner.

Shawn Frank, Co-founder

Ongraph’s developers delivered good work on my AWS project and I enjoyed working with them. The communication was top notch and they met all deadlines. The skills of the team are reasonably strong. I will likely additional jobs for Ongraph in future.

Boaz Dombrover, CEO

Very talented and highly skilled at designing complex LMS functions & web design integration that seem effortless and user friendly. They accomplished what we wanted and it was a job well done!

Dianne Smith COO at The K-Method Training Group, Inc.

Was always a pleasure to work with OnGraph. Brought great ideas and solutions.

Christian Holbein, ETL & Business Analytics Expert

The developers from OnGraph was of great help. Great attitude, smart and fast. Communication was a bit difficult because of the strong accent (I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it). Overall experience was good, and very effective. I would definitely recommend.

Fernando Falcon, CEO- Forebase

Key Features of Telecom Apps

Hiring telecommunication experts is a smart choice when you’re focusing on developing an app that consists of business-specific and customer-centric features. To build a high-performing app that caters to the need of the telecom industry, a thorough analysis of the latest market trends and knowledge of business requirements is important. Some features that make your application more than worth are:

  • Bug Tracking with Traceability Matrix

  • Effective Reporting

  • Periodic Bill Cycle

  • In-built Directory

  • Lead generation forms

  • Sales Record Tab

  • Feedback Forms

  • Cross-platform Coverage

  • Functional and Integration Testing

  • Load testing for Data Transmission

Dedicated and experienced professionals focus on integrating various app components that act as a business support system for the industry and deliver excellent web and mobile experience to the end-users.

What Do We Offer?

  • iOS and Android compliant telecom application

  • Performance, functional, stress and usability testing

  • Application Test Execution

  • Order Status Management

  • End-to-end Telecommunication Services

  • Billing, Charging and Settlement-specific Solutions

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