How to take the database backup automatically on linux server

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April 1, 2014 | 1163 Views

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In my last project I came across the requirement of taking the database backup daily at 11:30 pm on linux server.

I have to configure server in such a way such that server automatically creates the db backup and upload it at a specified location at a particular time.

So, These are the steps I followed to achieve this and thought it worth sharing.

– In your home directory , create an executable file(.sh)

sudo touch

This will create a zero byte new file named

– Now to make it executable to all users

sudo chmod a+x

– Now open the vi editor to add contents into the empty file


– This will open the vi editor, now press i to insert contents into the file, then add these lines.

mysqldump -u root -p password dbname > /mnt/`date +%Y_%m_%d`_dump.sql

– This will create the sql dump at /mnt folder with file name today's year, month & day e.g 2014_03_19_dump

– To check if the file gives right output test & execute it via


– Check /mnt folder their you will see a dump file.

Now to automate this process, so that this file will get executed at a specified time automatically .

We need to make an entry into crontab in linux.

Linux has a great program for this called crontab. It allows tasks to be automatically run in the background at regular intervals.

– Open the crontab file, goto root direcotory via

cd /

Then do

sudo crontab -e

– here u will find all the existing cron expressions.

just write your own expression, like to run file daily at 11:30 I write

30 23 * * *

This means

  • 30 minute

  • of 11 hour

  • of every day of the month

  • of every month

  • and every day in the week.

Now, Save the file.

– Now it will automatically run this file at the specified time & your backup will be automatically uploaded at /mnt directory at 11:30 pm

& you don't have to worry of taking manual backups on server

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