How To Hire Mobile Developers For Business Apps?

Posted by ongraph · April 13, 2016 · 5 Min read

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The vast world of business is stuffed down into a hand sized device. We call it Smartphone or Tablet and are affectionate for it. It consists of all business apps that make these devices a magnet for us and we also rejoice these apps and their potential of making our day to day life comfortable and meaningful.


The whole world of information is just a thumb away with a mobile device. Millions of people around the world are relying upon mobile applications in order to acquire and share information. Companies are eagerly looking forward to access the platform of these gadgets and the applications to promote their business and take benefits from its popularity.


If you also wish to acquire more customers and are looking ways to maintain better relations with your existing clients, business app is a must for you. Of course, you need to hire mobile app developers to build a custom business app for you that takes you to the zenith in the digital world. Here the question comes, how to hire an experienced mobile developer or how to identify the developer you are going to hire is the right one for the job you want him to do?


Are these questions also troubling you? Continue reading to make sure you have the right association for the development of Business Apps.


1. Ask for the examples of mobile apps they have developed

One of the best ways to make sure you have the right association for your needs is to ask for the examples of mobile apps they have developed. An experienced and skilled professional will be eager to showcase his/her list of apps he/she has personally created or at least played a major role in the development process. Through this way, it is easy to check one’s experience, skill and vision that you need for the development of the type of app you are looking for.



2. Ask for the list of past or current clients

Direct word-to-word with the references brings an opportunity to you to make sure you have the association that is reliable, responsive and result-oriented. You also get to know the candidate’s experience, capabilities, work ethics, ability to work under pressure and some general idea about quotations for the services when you make conversation with the references.



3. Ask for the smartphone they personally use

At first, the question seems odd, but it gives you an insight about developer’s knowledge and passion for the specific mobile platforms. A developer can only create the result-oriented mobile applications if he has personal experience over the technology. Whether you want to build apps for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, he must have the device and should be used to its features.



4. What special features they can create and add to your app?

Competition and competitors existing are innumerable. To obtain the most customers and sustaining the top position, you need to serve something truly innovative with useful features. Ask to them what special they can create and add to application to grab the attention like social media sharing, 3-D gaming, GPS check-ins, product coupon elements or else.



5. What about quality testing?

One of the most significant things to be sure about is that who will test the quality of your app. The simplest way is to run it on the smartphone, but you must ask how they conduct an extensive beta test if bugs are found, and what’s his/her approach to weed out any glitches and how quickly.



6. Will you submit my mobile app to app stores?

Once you have approved beta version of your app, the last and final step a developer needs to perform is to submit it to an app store for approval to be sold there. Though the process takes time and involves multi-step, the developer must be well-versed in navigating each step successfully.



7. Who will own the mobile app?

Typically the one (individual or company) who pays the cost of a mobile app development will own the finished product. But in business terms, you and the developer must sign a written contract like “copyright assignment” or “work made for hire”. That way, you can be sure to own all rights to the app you commissioned including app’s design, source code and all of its content after all it’s your business’s app.



8. How will we communicate during the development process?

Communication plays a key role in development of a successful custom enterprise mobile application. You must inquire that the app developer is ready to interact with you no matter how like in person, Skype, phone or email or else medium. That way you get status updates and can discuss about app design, functionality and other requirements throughout the development process to have a result-oriented end product.


There are many companies providing high quality app development services to individuals and businesses. If you approach to an organization to outsource mobile app development services, you can inquire these questions to them as well. It is essential to address all aspects of app creation especially when you have your personal preferences. That way, you will be able to find the right fit (either individual hire or company service) for your business.

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