Have big data, realizing business value from it

Posted by ongraph · January 20, 2014 · 2 Min read

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In the big data fight, enterprises forget aboutone important thing, that is the large stock of unstructured data being ignored by it. The worse is that it accounts for almost 80% of the entire data stuck between the four walls of the organization.

Business organizations had seldom got big data which is easy to use and fast. The wait is longer than expected. The opportunity of using that data had already been slipped from the hands or the requirements don’t seem feasible. The need for the business organizations is to get an instant insight driven applications. It is being a struggling step for the IT side of the organizations, with them being constantly working n the same. They have succeeded too, till some level.

This is the promise of the new specialist big data platform. It aims to fulfill the analytics and technical needs of the organization and the IT sections of the organizations. So, it provides technology the flexibility to rapidly develop industry-specific Big Data applications, and business the ability to access relevant Big Data, extract its insights, and take appropriate action on time – even real time. So, where Big Data heralds the age of insight-on-demand, the platform democratizes this Big Data, and empowers all who claim a share in it.

The crux of the discussion can be inferred as the the availability of big data analytics can be used to gather the structured and unstructured data from every source -whether outside or inside the organization, generate insights, and execute decisions, on demand, and on time, while the window of influence is still open.

Reference: Realizing Business Value from Big Data

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