Educational App Development Services: Importance, Core Features, and Our Live Educational App Projects

By Alka Singh
April 8, 2020 | 1032 Views

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Online learning has made education app highly popular today. Information technology in education has disrupted every sphere of teaching and learning procedures and processes.

It’s not just schools, and universities, Educational apps even have disrupted how corporate training has been conducted.

The traditional classroom environment is shifting to online training and assessments, teaching aids, social networking tools, and other technologies.

Hence, understanding all the possible disruption and their effects on students and teachers and educational institutions is crucial to develop strategies and techniques for integrating technology in modern educational systems and procedures.

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of educational apps, core features, and the future of these applications.

Let’s start the blog by sharing a brief about educational technologies and applications.

What is Educational Technology?

Educational technology is about utilizing physical hardware and educational theoretics. Using these, application development companies empowering learning theory, computer-based training, online learning, mobile techniques, m-learning as well as training management systems, learning management systems, and learning record store.

Smartphones are a fantastic portable device and are highly convenient to use, even by a five-year-old kid.

Educational technology right now focuses on developing comprehensive apps for smartphones. Smartphones with dedicated educational apps address the widest audience in no time.

How Educational Applications Works?

Educational applications focus on fostering home-based learning through electronic means. Therefore, an app could be a virtual classroom, school-based instructional practices, employee training materials, quizzes, or even survey portal. No matter which application you would like to build for business, but here is the list of essential educational app components that let the app adopting among users.

Audio and Video Streaming: Audio and Video are a practical and powerful communication tool. These are used to share lectures and real-time classroom training seasons. Audio and Video are effective in both online and offline conditions.

Quick Grading: Grading is a daunting job and requires a lot of time for teachers in assessments. The app-based learning combined blended learning assessments, hence share real-time grading. This makes learning more exciting and compelling.

Online Quizzes & Exam: The feature lets teachers create multiple types of questions in no time and engage students in learning. The feature is designed to load and run quickly.

Custom Reporting: It generates automatically graded reports of students and their performance review while addressing areas that need improvement. Moreover, reports are shared directly with parents.

Learning Management System: The pre-built templates and modules of the LMS app helps institutions and teachers get complete control over online administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses and programs.

Gamification: Engaging users in the courses is a tough job. Here comes gamification that makes learning fun. There are several gamification components used by developers to develop the functions. It helps learners advance their understanding of every course learned in a fun and interactive way.

What Are The Core Features Of Educational Mobile Applications

There are several core features merged that help build an engaging and easy-to-use e-learning application. Here is our exclusive list of features that have helped us deliver some of the amazing educational applications. These are:

  • Virtual Classrooms: Based on teaching & learning objectives, virtual classrooms are embedded with a whiteboard, videoconferencing, and many alike features.
  • Push Notifications: Push notification uses automated messaging to promote services and to send reminders to users about the course added, lectures, and more.
  • Standardized Evaluation Process: Subtle feedback is required for both students and teachers. Test-based evaluation and data collection and documentation make evaluations transparent and effective.
  • Access to Offline Information: With education apps, it is possible to drill facts and acquire information even in no internet conditions. The best part is you can download the courses such as text, audio, and Video and access them offline when required.
  • Institute-Management: Institutions require administrative management. Admin access to the application allows the administration to get complete control and track teacher’s and student’s activities efficiently.
  • Private Messaging: To simplify communication in the digital age, private messaging and group chat options are provided. It helps students ask questions to teachers on the same app and clear their doubts quickly.

Some Innovative And Engaging Features That Attract Users

Engaging users on the platform is essential. And to do so, it is vital to integrate some friendly features within the app that ensure maximum engagement on the platform, such as:

  • Search: It helps learners search and select courses of diverse subjects and interests.
  • Wishlist: It lets you save courses and learn when you get time at your convenience.
  • Featured: It displays highly-rated courses by other students that you might be interested in learning.
  • My Account: The account helps you manage opted courses/content as per personal preferences, certifications, handling fees, and other transactions and personal information.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard helps track learning progress, grading, and other interactions and activities within the platform.
  • Next Step’: It helps you track how many courses you have covered and x guides you for the next course from where you last left it.
  • Learn at your own pace — Besides online and offline access to the course, messaging also helps ask both learners and tutors questions about your doubts. It delivers personalized learning experiences along with speed controls depending on the user’s needs.
  • Naptime: allows both instructors and learners to add new content items to a course

Importance of Educational Mobile Application Development Company Like OnGraph?

OnGraph is an experienced mobile application development company. We have built more than three thousand world-class applications for clients across the world. Whether it is iOS app developers or Android app developers, we have professionals, skills, and expertise to execute your app’s vision into reality.

Here is a list of world-class educational applications developed by our team:

  1. Compassforsuccess
  2. Educative
  3. Gradready
  4. Unibuddy

Our team is well-versed with the techniques, processes, and challenges. Connect with us today and improve learning outcomes and tech-enabled assessments.

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