iWatch App: Does Your Business Need iWatch App Development?

By Alka Singh
January 31, 2020 | 1770 Views

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The ‘iWatch’ or ‘Apple Watch’ continued to dominate the smartwatch market in Q3 of 2019. It brings massive demand for quality iwatch app development services all around the world. 

Why The Demand for iWatch App is Soaring Today?

According to Statista, Apple Watch units soared over 50%. It is a clear indication that Apple Watch continues to be the biggest player in the smartwatch market due to its performance and innovation. 

No one can deny that Apple, with its fantastic line of wearable devices, has reshaped the whole industry. Apple is dedicated to creating unmatched convenience and experiences for people and with iwatch apps, it is rapidly changing the way we live our lives.

With the growing popularity of Apple Watch, the demand for Apple Watch apps is soaring high and everyone is eyeing the opportunity to develop an outstanding app for iWatch. If you are also thinking to build apps to be right at the forefront of users, take help from expert Apple Watch app developers from OnGraph.   

The recent releases and updates revealed at WWDC19 also reveals that iWatch app developers have more freedom and control over developing Apple watch apps than ever. 

But, before you start planning a strategy for an apple watch app, let’s first understand iWatch and the importance of an app for it.  

What is Apple Watch and Why It Needs An App?

Apple describes iWatch ‘as a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology.’ 

The iWatch is another tiny programmable computer that Apple designed, developed, and marketed as a wearable device and can be worn like a watch. 

But iWatch is more than just a digital watch. There are a ton of exciting and useful things one can do with Apple Watch, and for some of them, one don’t even need an iPhone. Here’s what one can do with an iWatch when supported by an innovative application;

  1. Answer Calls
  2. Use the Apple Watch as a Walkie Talkie
  3. Use a Calculator
  4. Listen to Podcasts on the Apple Watch
  5. Use the Apple Watch to Challenge Friends
  6. Use the Apple Watch as a Flashlight
  7. Use the Apple Watch in Water
  8. Track Your Runs
  9. Stay Quiet in a Movie Theater
  10. See Info Quickly
  11. Monitor Your Heart Rate
  12. Track Your Fitness
  13. View and Reply to Text and iMessage
  14. Send Apple Watch Emoji
  15. Pay with Apple Pay
  16. Use Siri on the Apple Watch
  17. Connect to Your Car
  18. Listen to Music on Your Apple Watch
  19. Share Your Location
  20. Check Your Email
  21. Control Your Apple TV & Music
  22. Use it as a Camera Viewfinder
  23. Find a lost iPhone
  24. Store Tickets on Your Apple Watch
  25. Use it as a Nightstand Clock
  26. Keep on Track to Close Your Activity Rings
  27. Keep You On Task as a Virtual Assistant
  28. Use it as a Stopwatch
  29. Control Your Smart Home
  30. Track Your Sleep
  31. Always Have Your Passwords
  32. Check News
  33. Browse your favorite websites
  34. Order a Pizza

Challenges of Developing An iWatch App

Although iWatch is an Apple product, developing an apple watch app is a challenge in itself and comes with its share of complexity. 

When you think of investing in iwatch app development, here are 3 things you must keep in mind:

Apple watch is dependent on the iPhone. The smartwatch needs the presence of the mobile device to run third-party apps. 

The company provides a watchkit – a framework for developers to develop an interface for Apple Watch apps.

Developers have to divide app development processes in different sets. There are three ways to extend an iPhone app to Apple Watch, which are as follows:   


1) Full Apps

Watchkit apps provide the user with a similar experience of an iPhone app. It allows developers to create multiple screens to provide users with a range of possible interactions. To enable excellent functionality, watchkit apps and watchkit extension work in tandem to execute App’s interface and to interact with data. 

2) Glances 

As the name suggests, glances provide content on apple watch on a single screen. The watchkit app picks up only certain information and with watchkit extension shows only parts of content on the watch. Glances do not include any interactive elements. 

The primary use of glances is to display information on the watch. However, if the user taps on the screen, the full App is launched. 

3) Notifications

Apple’s smartwatch is tiny in size, and one can not pour everything on a single screen. One of the best ways to inform and engage a user about the business is to send them notifications.

Here apple’s wristband is smart enough to fulfill your requirement. If the iOS App receives a notification, then it could be accessed on the smartwatch too. Developers can also optimize notifications for the smartwatch screen, such as showing a shortened version of it. 

They can also add functionality like schedule notifications to be displayed at appropriate times along with the option to get a full look on the information or dismiss the same right from the watch screen.      


How Apple Watch App Works with iPhone

The watchOS apps are submerged inside the iOS apps. When a user downloads and installs an iOS app that has an embedded watchOS app which allows the app to automatically transfer to the watch via Bluetooth. In case the watch is not available in the Bluetooth range, it would be installed as soon as the link is established. 

A developer must understand that watchOS apps are independent apps. These apps entirely run on the watch and perform computing functionalities such as processing, managing their own memory, and storing files on the watch. Besides, watchOS apps are completely dependent on the iPhone app to access user’s data stored on the device.


Validate In Advance Whether The App Needs A iWatch Component Or Not

A 50% holding of the smartwatch market is not a small thing, and thus, everyone wants to grab the opportunity and the potential to reach a new audience. Developing an application with watchOS and diving in headfirst is a dream of many, but its also equally important to validate whether or not your App really needs a watch component. Not every app requires to be apple watch compatible. 

Before you start building an iWatch app, it is extremely important that you explore multiple use-cases to ensure that developing an Apple watch app will add significant value to your business. 


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