Developing a Messenger ChatBot? Know How Much Time and Budget you Require

By Shiva Gaur | October 10, 2018 | 1854 Views

Do you know the reason behind why industries are making use of messenger chatbots more and more?

The reason behind that is their 24/7 availability, handling capacity, flexible attribute, and customer satisfaction. Consumers, on the other hand, like to interact with them as they get direct answers to each of their queries.


According to the studies, around 21% of consumers find chatbots the easiest way to connect to a business. Moreover, many are willing to spend up to £481.15 with a business via a chatbot interaction.


If you too want to integrate messenger/conversational chatbots into your business, you should know each and every minute detail of its integration such as the future of chatbots, budget, time consumed, and the number of developers required to design messenger chatbots.

Do you know what a conversational chatbot is and how it is different from a normal chatbot?

Let’s discuss first the number of stages required to develop and implement a conversational  chatbot.

Stages Required to Develop a Messenger Chatbot


  • Managing the backend development of incoming stream of messages
  • Module creation
  • Incorporating Natural Language Processing with existing API’s
  • Developing Human-like Replies
  • Aligning the conversations with the core business purposes


When developing messenger chatbots, one of the biggest concern of developers is to manage the incoming stream of messages from multi-channel platforms. They further needs integration with NLP services such as, Watson Conversation, Facebook’s, and LUIS. The total time required to setup a server and deploy a backend, enforce integrations with existing systems, business logic, develop a smarter bot that leads to better conversations takes around 4 hours. All you need to do is securely choose your programming language such as .NETor Node.JS server side SDKs so that you do not end up wasting your time in their integration.


Once the powerful backend system has developed, developers need to create modules for easy integration with each channel. Integration of every channel is unique in itself, developers can still work on it to enhance its functionality. They can add endpoints in order to send and receive the chat messages according to the token authorization.


Every chatbot messenger UI should have a quick reply button and other essentials such as audio and video controls. This way, you can start smoother conversations with your customers. Usually, chatbot development requires technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, to develop a conversation UI to channelize the communication with the customers.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing empowers bots to initiate natural conversations as a human. With NLP integration, one of the best things is that, you do not have to write NLP algorithms. The only thing that is required is the integration of bots with the trusted NLP services available as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Facebook.




The reason being your messenger bot has to receive chat messages in everyday language.


NLP integration isn’t tough using the API’s, but yes its training and learning about NLP intents and entities takes a lot of time and needs a significant amount of coding. The most important thing that you need to do is map the entities to specific objects in an existing system such as Identifiers, Products, or names. Last step that you need to perform is the validation of contact numbers, email addresses, and city names that requires a lot of time for coding in Node.JS and .NET.

Conversational Intelligence

Giving your chatbot the ability to reply like human take a lot of time. It needs humongous coding to design a chatbot in a way that is capable of giving meaningful, intelligent, conversational replies based on NLP intents and entities. And you would always want to make your messenger chatbot improve which make your journey endless.  

However, you can tailor each conversation with specialized algorithm, minimalistic features and navigation to make the entire conversation easier for a user. Though you can make use of if-else trees, what customers expect these days is deep learning algorithms.

On the whole, designing the conversation intelligence of a messenger chatbot takes around more than 200 hours in development and coding.


Chatbots need to be integrated with the services that you think your customers will ask for be it ordering items, booking flights, asking best restaurants or buying random stuff. Integrations help chatbots in business logic authentication, perseverance of data, instructions, and so on. The integration part can save development time if the backend process is linked with a good service layer.


Administrating your messenger chatbot is extremely important. It not only keeps you updated regarding the issues that your customers are facing but also allow you to track chatbot conversation history, error logs, and number of users.


For all this to happen, you can simply add analytics metrics to evaluate the performance of your bot. However, you need to ask your clerical team to work on it as it includes code blocks in Angular 2, Node.JS and .NET.

Time Taken to Develop a Messenger Chatbot

An intelligent messenger chatbot make use of Natural Language Understanding services which is integrated with its existing system. If you outsources the three stages that is implementation, integration and administration, it would take around 14 weeks or three and a half months, if they work 8 hrs a day, five days a week or 40 hrs/week.  

Cost of Developing a Chatbot

The cost of developing a messenger chatbot again depends on the time consumed and the number of developers working on it. If we talk about hiring a single Node.JS developer, the cost is around $50/hour, oracle developer will cost around $40/hour, and an AI developer who is proficient enough with the nLP integrations will cost you not less than $100/hour. However the costing also highly depends on the type of bot you are developing. if it is a normal chatbot, it could cost around $20-$25/hour and if it is an advanced bot it could cost as much as $40/hour.

Wrapping Up

Once you know the cost and time taken for the development of messenger chatbot, you can get started. However, before starting you need to have proper idea of what features and characteristics you want in your chatbot. This way, you will be better able to judge the team, and track the time taken by them to do the work.   

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