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Telehealth solutions provide easy and timely access to healthcare services. More and more healthcare providers are dealing with large numbers of patients on a daily basis and factors like limited availability of specialists, patients with disabilities, time crunch etc. make face-to-face appointments expensive and less practical. We enable caregivers with modern mobile solutions specifically designed to manage increased influx of patients, enhance medical care quality, and lower the operational cost of healthcare. Our custom made telemedicine software allow for efficient use of clinical resources, streamlined communication,and better patient management.


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Telehealth Experts

Telehealth Solutions Development Services

Ongraph’s telehealth development services are focused on providing healthcare providers with end-to-end telemedicine applications with features such as patient scheduling, appointment reminders, and digitalized patient intake forms so as to accelerate process efficiency, save time and reduce costs. Our advanced solutions empower healthcare systems and organizations with their very own telemedicine systems which enable you to create a better clinic experience with simple proactive patient interactions.

Custom Telehealth Software

We build advanced cloud-based and scalable software that provides your healthcare organisation with a comprehensive view of patients, specialists, finances and much more. We integrate legacy EHR systems to further improve efficiency manifolds and make remote patient monitoring, scheduling, appointments and follow ups much easier and more streamlined.

mHealth Apps

Clinical care alone is not enough to provide satisfactory healthcare services. Patients expect more from caregivers and our custom made mHealth solutions are proving to bridge this gap effectively. Apart from giving easy access to physicians, our mHealth apps provide hassle free appointment scheduling, on-the-go video consulting, medical advice on preventive care and reminders to encourage treatment compliance.

Solutions for Doctors

We help you build custom telemedicine apps for doctors and physicians that gives them easy access to all patient related information, past medical records and history on a single click. These solutions offer great help with remote patient care and monitoring. Advanced solutions equipped with video consulting allow physicians to provide urgent care instantly.

Solutions for Patients

We assist you in creating patient friendly solutions tailored to your patients’ specific needs. Our healthcare apps for patients are supported with features like file sharing, video consultation, and integration with medical devices for easy tracking and reporting of daily status and progress. Embedded with latest technologies these solutions make online consultations as real as face-to-face appointments,

How Do You Benefit From Our Healthcare Industry Knowledge?

With years of experience and expertise in developing web and mobile applications for healthcare providers, our solutions are smoothly integrated with existing EHR, healthcare IOT and practice management systems, which is powered by HIPAA-encrypted data transactions.

Doctor on Demand

Allows patients to receive medical care whenever and wherever they need it as well as to plan their appointment with a specialist.

Appointment Management

Patient no-shows can be greatly reduced with automated call and sms reminders for appointments. You can also collect patient feedback via calls and SMS.

Video Conferencing

A real-time interactive video examination of a patient which uses video, audio and graphics to transmit medical information between two or more sites.

Patient Management

We take care of your administrative responsibilities, allowing you to focus your quality time and attention completely on your patients.

Online Consultations

Enables patients to list their symptoms, use their device to show them on the camera and receive real-time help from a qualified specialist.

Remote Care for Patients

Our well-built telehealth RPM systems track critical health signs of high-risk or chronically ill patients remotely using initiative dashboards.

Advanced Telehealth and Telemedicine Solutions

We deliver Cloud based and on-premises telehealth and telemedicine solutions in alignment with your objectives and technical capabilities.
We have proven experience in integrating EHR systems, medical devices and healthcare IOT payment gateways, third party softwares
and tools to realize maximum benefit.

Proven Expertise In Building Custom Healthcare Solutions

The key focus of our made-to-order telehealth software solution is to make health and information services more efficient and convenient, while also enhancing the quality of patient care and increasing patient engagement.

HIPAA Compliance

We strictly follow the HIPAA compliance and the guidelines to match the industry standard for protecting sensitive patient data.

EHR Integration

We integrate your existing EHR systems for instant access to patient records, medical history, clinical trials as well as diagnostic results.

Medical Device Integration

Leveraging IoT in our solutions we help you continuously monitor patients’ health status for a successful diagnosis and quick decision making.

Data Security and Privacy

Our solutions aim at providing highly secure encrypted communication and video calls to keep patient’s data secure and confidential.

Data Visualizations

We integrate BI, Analytics and data visualization tools to provide insights for improved clinical decision making and care delivery.

Extended Team

Our team of telehealth experts can learn your systems quickly and can serve as your extended team when additional resources are needed.

Your Telehealth Needs Are Covered With Us!

We take all the pain so that you can relax while your telehealth solution unfolds into reality in front of you! We follow a comprehensive approach in our custom solution development process to make sure we cover all your needs.

01Protecting your IP

We safeguard your brilliant idea by signing a NDA to protect your original concept.


We ask questions to gather your detailed requirements and propose the best solution.


We design wireframe prototypes before turning them into engaging UI designs.

04 Development

We convert the designs into a product using the latest technologies & frameworks.


We do comprehensive testing to chalk out bugs and issues before making your solution live.

06 Support & Maintenance

We continue to offer extended support and maintenance to ensure smooth operations.

We Offer Flexible Engagement Models

The cost of developing a telehealth solution may vary depending on the type of features, integrations, and functionalities, you want to add. Not only this, but the type of engagement or hiring model you’re choosing from our company also impacts the cost of development for your telemedicine solution.


Dedicated Team

Cost effective

Fast Paced

Complete Control

Focused Approach

Long-term projects


Fixed Cost

Defined deliverables

No hidden cost

Optional control

Lower risk

Short-term projects


Time & Resources

Easy start

Cost control

Flexible workflow

Partial supervision

Long-term projects

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