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Posted by ongraph · August 31, 2015 · 4 Min read

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With Apple’s big announcement regarding iOS9 release, a special case of extension for Ad blockers has become a possibility. Though the new extensions allows ad blocking, they can’t be called Ad Blockers. iOS9 includes content blocker extension that not only blocks Ads but also helps to block cookies, images, pop-ups, auto-play video, invisible tracking scripts and other contents. iOS 9 redefines another level of privacy, performance and policy. Content-blocker holds back the extra stuff which overwhelms the web pages.

But that is not it, as there is more to content blocking.  


Why Content Blocking?

  • Privacy

Protecting user’s data is the prime mantra of Apple this year. With iOS9 release impending, Apple has introduced modifications in the content blocking arena. Apple’s agenda is not to parasite on user’s data. Unlike other companies that allow advertisers and publishers to suck user’s data and generate revenue out of it, Apple has made user’s privacy the heart of its framework.

Put in words of Tim Cook, CEO, Apple:

“ I’m speaking to you from Silicon Valley, where some of the most prominent and successful companies have built their businesses by lulling their customers into complacency about their personal information. They’re gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it. We think that’s wrong. And it’s not the kind of company that Apple wants to be.”

Content Blockers also help put a stop to user’s anxiety about their information being tracked and utilized by web advertisers and publishers. With the help of content blockers one can stop the cookies and scripts that sap the user’s information and follow them around the web.


  • Performance

Is it difficult to recollect the “jam-packed-slow-webpage-loading” experiences? I am sure not. The experience becomes even more daunting on handsets due to limited resources when compared to their desktop equivalents.

Today websites come with extra contents and unnecessary ads. They not only affect the performance but also impact user’s experience. Now what content blocker does is that it holds back the extra content and ads that slow down the web pages. Holding back the extra content enhances the user’s experience at front end.

Crystal, an upcoming content-blocker, released a statistics that proves an enhanced speed, lower bandwidth and less loading time. According to them, with Crystal the web pages could get loaded 3.9x faster, used 53% less bandwidth on average along with 74% reduced loading time.

iOS9 Safari with enabled content blocker stops all the junk from getting loaded that runs on and behind the page. By blocking the unnecessary GB-suckers , the web surfing experience paces fast. That means the user not only saves on data plan but also achieves a fast surfing experience. Hence an enhanced performance.  


  • Policy-that-benefits-all

Apple team is known for its ideas that benefits both the benefactor and the beneficiary. By blocking the ads and contents on web, the publishers will be pulled to Apple’s upcoming News app, which is also paving its way with iOS9. Which means Apple can generate revenue through its own advertising system. Also, the holding back of content/ads on web will force the publishers to change the route to app.

As per data gathered from Yahoo-owned Flurry, only 10% of user’s time on mobile is spent on browsers, while 90% of the time is spent on apps. That being the case, even if the companies take the app route, the benefits will inevitably be reaped by Apple as it takes a cut of App Store revenues.


How to go about Content Blockers?

In order to harness the benefits offered by Content blockers one needs to install a content-blocking extension through a download from iTunes App Store.

And then just reach out to your iOS device’s Setting,

Setting——->Safari———->Content Blockers.

At the end of it all are you wondering where to get one?

Patience is thy name. iOS 9 with enabled content blocker is going to be out soon.

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