Confused Between Android OS Pie and IOS 12? Here is your Handy Guide!

By Shiva Gaur
October 23, 2018 | 2614 Views

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According to the research conducted by Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, Android has a greater number of buyers than iOS no matter how upgraded the new versions of Apple are. Android sales have increased at a percentage value of 5.8 as compared to the past years. iOS sales, on the other hand, has gone down at a difference of 3.5% when compared to past years. That’s the reason iOS has been given the second position when it comes to sales.  

(Pie-Chart representing the number of iOS and Android Smartphones users in U.S.; Comscore’s MobiLens Study)

Android and iOS always have a healthy competition in terms of compatibility, design, services, and people struggle a lot in making a decision of buying either of the two. When they finally have decided which smartphone they should consider, one of them rolls out with a new set of features.

If you too are confused in between Android OS Pie and IOS 12, here is a list of features of both the smartphones and an interesting comparison that will definitely help you out in making an informed decision.

All New iOS 12 Set of Features

Siri Shortcut

iOS 12 is going to be popular among customers very soon due to its new feature set that includes Siri shortcuts and customization. Now, you can easily create shortcuts and customize commands for Siri. All you need to do is ask a question to get a lot of relevant options on the basis of which you can make an informed decision. iOS application development companies are also focusing on ‘triggering phrases’ so that it is easier for the users to tell their preferences.


Memoji has been introduced in iOS 12 in which users can create customizable Animoji according to their characteristics such as facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, and so on. It can now capture your facial expressions using FaceID. You can send your real expressions instead of emojis while chatting with your friends and family and send them your real expressions in the meantime.


Most times, your phone is fully loaded with the notifications, however, with iOS 12, the case is entirely different and your phone will be a lot cleaner. Now they are stacked together and are grouped according to their priority set by you.  You can also manage the notifications according to your feasibility and can customize whether you want to get them silently eliminate getting them altogether.

Screen Time

Screen time is one of the most important features that every user wants to reduce. iOS 12 comes with a feature called “Screen Time”. It is located in the settings as an option where you can customize it accordingly.  

Group Facetime

Another enhanced and most interesting feature that is going to be included in iOS 12 is that of Group facetime. It will allow user to add around 32 people on the group FaceTime call with their customizable memojis.

Android OS Pie Features


The new features of Android are no less than Apple iOS 12. Slice is one of such feature that users are going to like as it will not only save their time but will also reduce a lot of steps. Slice help users to use the feature of one app outside of it. For instance, if you will type Uber in your Android P Google search, you will automatically be directed to ‘book a cab’ page instead of selecting the app and logging in.

Greater Privacy

Android was not preferred by many people just because it lacks security and privacy standards. However, Android App Development Companies in the US are now given prime importance to user security. It has the capability to restrict apps running in the background to access device’s camera or mic. In case if any app tries to use your camera without your permission, your system will display an error on screen.

Indoor Navigation

Android has designed an amazing feature using which you can navigate inside your building with the help of IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol. For instance, if you need directions to your friend’s flat, you can easily use this feature and reach your destination without wasting time.  

Smart Messaging

Smart messaging is again a feature which simplifies the way you operate your smartphone, and at the same time, saves a lot of your time. You can view the entire message, pictures included in it on the notification bar itself. In fact, you can reply then and there itself without the need of opening the emails, text messages or any other app.

Improved Compatibility

When we talk about the format it uses and the compatibility with apps, Android OS Pie is amazing. It supports HEIF and HDR VP9 video format to help users capture high quality and clearer images and videos.

Which is Better? Android OS Pie and iOS 12

Voice Assistant

Although Siri keeps on updating in Apple iOS 12 that has the capability to predict what you might be willing to ask, Android OS P has won the hearts of many users. The reason being the quality of Google assistant is far beyond comparison. Google assistant in Android P can now lead a conversation in six new voices and the conversations sounds more humane. This is all because of the deep AI integration. Therefore, in case of voice assistant Android OS P is given a  thumbs up!

Face Unlock

Apple had added many features out of which the most popular one is the face recognition feature. Google, on the other hand, has not given any importance to this feature. Therefore, Apple again wons here.


Gesture navigation is now available in both Apple as well as Android. However, Google still comes with a back button that makes it a bit outdated and is not 100% gestural when compared to iOS 12. It is almost impossible for Google Android to roll out an entire full navigation gesture on all the devices. Therefore, this point goes to iOS 12.


Both the OSs are trying to give their best. Apple is focusing on making iMessage app keeping in mind the innovativeness, trends, Memoji, cross-platform texting, secure payment, and Wi-Fi-texting. Google has not changed in terms of messaging. It has simply brought a smart reply option to the notification bar. However, this is not enough to match the standard set of Apple. So this point again goes to Apple.

Apple AR-Vs Android AR

Although both the OS comes with the same feature set such as Environment Understanding, Motion Tracking, and Light Estimation, Android AR is far better than Apple. The reason being it came with a new feature set that includes  Cloud Anchors, Augmented Images, and WebXR. Apple, on the other hand, is still in the process of implementing Measure app to measure the dimensions of real-world objects, shared experience. Therefore, this point goes to Android OS P.

The Final Verdict

Although I have covered almost every feature and comparison in between Android OS P and iOS 12, it depends on your choice and preference which smartphone you choose. If you are a brand lover and need a unique smartphone that matches your personality you can always opt for an Apple. In case, you need a smartphone full of features and which is compatible with all the devices, go for Android.


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