Our Client Retention Strategy That You Are Not Leveraging

By Alka Singh
November 27, 2018 | 809 Views

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You have read it right. In the following blog post, I will discuss our excellent client retention strategy that our clients are not leveraging. OnGraph is pioneer Application Development Company with two development centers in India along with employee strength of 350+. Just like other industry, our clients are important to us, and their satisfaction with regards to our offered services is most significant to us. We dedicated the following blog to all our clients who rely on us and choose us as the app development partner. Let’s talk about our strategies for client retention we defined after a lot of brain works, combined the experience earned over the years helping clients succeed with technological innovation.

Our Strategies For Retaining Clients

We don’t have any specific strategy; we just pushed ourselves in the following business process that has helped us stand out in application development market and keeping a customer happy and satisfied since when they come in our contract.

1. Immediate Availability

Being a dynamic application developer, we acknowledge seeking new business customers is time-consuming and more expensive compared to generating new business with your existing clients. Therefore, we make sure we are immediately available to our old clients. Whether it’s a last-minute mobile/web app project, or developing something they imagine possible or a just-in-time estimate, we at OnGraph Technologies have strategy and expertise to make it real.

2. Experienced Team

We encourage our clients to come up with unique app development ideas. Why so, because of we, not just code. We imagine together, discuss together what works and what should be added technically. Our experienced team work precisely and create a delightful brand experience that gets attention and compels conversion.

3. Timely Delivery

We understand the value of commitment especially when it comes to timely delivery. We appreciate your commitment to budget. Therefore, we discuss the scope of work and work commitments with you and augment programmers accordingly.

4. Optimal Processes

Our project managers consider your budget requirements also a top priority and develop apps on the foundation of quality, accuracy, and perfect visual experiences.

5. Agile Methodology

We focus on building applications that are agile and adaptive. We like challenges thus our every step taken to provide you only expert development services in all promising and trendy frameworks.

6. Flexible Models

We are flexible in our approach since we know not all roads are smooth and that not all plans are flawless. Nonetheless, for any offshore app development services for web and mobile, we come with an approach that eliminates any disruption to your business.

7. Never Overpromise, over deliver instead

We always focus on keeping our deliverables realistic and put extra efforts whenever needed. We don’t make a promise, instead, our projects manager work one-on-one with clients that help us deliver more than expected.


How Are We With Our Clients After Project Sign-off?


1. Available After Project Sign-off

We also assist our clients once a project gets signed-off. However, the offered assistance is based on the two conditions such as:

a) Free support for the given time period
b) Paid support after the expiry of free support

2. Free Support For Some Time-Line

We help clients with free support right after project get’s sign-off but for a specific timeline. Based on the project’s length and value, we determine the timeline of free support. Most probably, the timeline can be from 1 month to 6 months.

3. Available For Up-gradation And Maintenance Support In Future

We keep the door open for our clients in the future regarding any requirements for the application like up-gradation and maintenance support. Though it will be paid services, billed at actuals. We also offer paid retainer model for long-term engagement and priority services.

Note: Customer retention directly linked to business profit since more your business clients come back, consequently, generate more profits.

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