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April 6, 2018 | 2447 Views

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Summary: Many companies are searching for the perfect technology partner. Yet few know how to choose the partner that will do the best job for the app development project. In this article, you’ll learn precisely how to choose your perfect technology partner and how OnGraph can take your app vision and turn it into a successful product.

When you are bitten up by the bug called ‘ new idea for application’, the second thought comes to mind has always been To Develop It OR To Get It Developed. Across industries, disruptions of technology have made its big impact. The world shifts towards new digital media and interactive experiences. Companies require to transform internally to meet the new challenges created due to emergence of rapidly-evolving technologies, changing consumer preferences and oftentimes competing channels.

Today’s always connected digital world has changed the face of the business. The reason? High digital transaction volumes. For instance: heath-care professionals geared up with iPad. Second, you must have experienced mobile banking, e-wallet, e-payment, etc. applications are everywhere. As a leading and driven company, you know that if you want to drive innovation and be a leader, you need to leverage the power of mobile and web applications. Once you made the decision, you are left with two choices:

1) Develop the app in-house, OR
2) Choose an app development partner

You might choose to develop your app in-house and decide to not to have a partner, but here’s why you would have to opt for the second choice.

The lack of skilled app development resources in the market
Lack of expertise in-house in planning and implementing a mobile/web project
Inability to meet time-to-market demands because of the challenges in pulling a skilled team together
You do not foresee continuous work for developer and it does not make sense to hire a permanent developer
Finding local developers costly in your region
Budget issues, etc

But, What Goes Into Choosing The Right App Development Partner ?

Here Are The 5 Guiding Principles

1. The right app development partner will understand your business and project needs
2. Have enterprise grade app design capabilities
3. Have broad technology expertise spanning mobile, web and enterprise integration
4. Offer outstanding customer service and support
5. Adapt to your work culture


OnGraph has spent a decade in providing comprehensive mobile and web application development. We are familiar with core enterprise business processes and have skills to integrate and leverage existing technologies. Our industry experts are able to judge the feasibility of your mobile needs and advise you on the best solution to address your specific needs. Additionally, we are also available for end-to-end needs in decision making such as :

Which platform best suited to your requirement
Picking up the right technology considering your current IT environment
Business functions that best lend themselves to mobility
Selecting the apps that fit the kind of ROI you are looking for—be it brand awareness, streamlined workflows or increased productivity
Perform the best practices to secure enterprise data
Provide solution that is scalable and future-ready for your enterprise
Define timelines that will align with your project deadlines
Assist you with pricing models that work with your business budgets
Guide you through a clear app definition and release process


Usability is a term often thrown out when discussion placed for the application development or project planning. Results we all have experienced – badly designed apps with poor user interface makeovers, no cross-portability, bad navigation, – and the list goes on. A successful product has to work for its users and it needs to work well as making something functional and expecting people to use it wouldn’t ensure the success of the app.

You need there tech partner ‘OnGraph’ as we have the ability to design applications that transcend diverse operating environments and screen size irregularities. Additionally, we test our designed applications on every possible device that your target users are expected to use.

Our Design Capabilities That Help Us Stand Aside From Competition

  • Cross-Portability:

We process app design keeping in view application-centric approach rather than a device-centric approach. This way, we achieve the same look and feel across diverse platforms. However, our approach makes us perform a great deal of testing across several platforms and devices to ensure hassle-free cross-portability.

  • User Experience:

A visually stunning app isn’t good enough today. You need to begin your project with great UX in mind. For your mobile app to be truly successful, it must render consistent user experience that meets design terms as well as user interaction patterns. At OnGraph, we took complete care and prevent information onslaught, slow loading speeds, blank screens (while features load) and user confusion.

  • Standardization:

We strictly maintain design standardization across platforms and devices. This helps us enable familiar usage regardless of the device, reduced learning curve and better user experience.

  • Storage:

This is the digital universe as people and enterprises today doing everything online. We are acquainted with this trend and keep over selves up over technologies which help us tackle mass data storage issues. We come up with varied options like auto data sync and flexible data storage facilities like cloud storage, device storage, corporate database storage, etc. In addition to this, we also facilities cleanup of irrelevant data and efficient data backup to prevent clogging devices’ limited storage space, thereby reducing bandwidth consumption during app updates.

  • Back-end Integration Standardization:

Back-end integration standardization is yet another area where we specialize. We connect the app to back-end services like databases, user management systems, CMS and other systems via integration gateways. It provides you immense benefits as you can reuse your existing systems and consistent workflows across channels like the mobile and the web.

  • User-friendliness:

The best thing a software application can do for users is to provide them actionable data or intuitive controls. OnGraph makes sure this within your app while keeping it appealing, good-looking and easy-to-use that echo your app concept. We build your app to fit it into your target market’s needs.

  • Offline Operation:

Users want snappy and consistent application performance even in time of minimal or no network connectivity. As applications require to support when offline, we leverage the standards and features like local storage and caching in order to enable uninterrupted app operation in the absence of network connectivity.


OnGraph has a proven track record of working successfully with various types of enterprise architectures, integration technologies and enterprise infrastructure platforms. With such technical capabilities, we developed and deployed applications of diverse industries like medicine & heath-care, education, media & entertainment, retail & food, games and many other top industries. Nonetheless, we have skilled and experienced developers who are confident to work with following technologies and help us accomplish all minutes of details of the app provided by the clients.

iOS Capabilities

OnGraph is developing iPhone and iPad applications since their inception. We have in-depth knowledge of the iOS, SDK, the iPhone device and iCloud with Apple’s entire eco-system. We have developed robust, secure solutions, while integrating with existing enterprise infrastructures.

Android Capabilities

You must be fret about Android Capabilities of a vendor for your mobile app development. Android is eminently flexible and feature-rich platform and thus so presents a few challenges. OnGraph hone its skill-set and excel in Android App Development with all challenges and complexities that could occur as we know how to:

Develop applications for multiple screen sizes and resolutions of the Android device market
Keep up to date with the frequent Android SDK releases and updates

Cross-Platform Capabilities

We support BYOD (Bring your own device) policy and another approach to build cross platform applications. We are familiar with advanced technologies such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Titanium, JQueryMobile, Sencha and many others.

Web Technologies

OnGraph being focused on utilizing modern technologies, we keep an eye on advance technologies and discover their scope in app development and its future prospects. Our dexterity with technology and innovation help us ‘discover’ various technologies and services within your enterprise and integrate the app with them. These can be:

Custom Enterprise Systems
3rd party vendor APIs

Web Development Technologies

At OnGraph, we foster innovation and help clients gain a competitive advantage in the market. We have rendered several well-defined web development projects with cutting-edge technologies and software development techniques. We never stop to develop new products/services and keep investing in product development. Our developers are passionate about technology and desire to be in the mainstream of web development. With help of our web development team, we not just build a website with good design and pretty pictures, but also focuses on user interface and user experience – the two important component of an engaging website. Our clients look for our web app development services as our great UX along UI drive them value from app quickly and easily.

Quality Assurance

We have QA team and the professionals are well-organized and highly experienced. However, we have QA team to conduct quality tests, but we adopt an agile approach in development process where your app is tested as it is being developed. Agile development enables you to get different versions of your app throughout the development process that you can verify features as they are being created. Apart from this, QA professionals perform testing as a continuous, ongoing process with defect free, high-quality end product as the end result. Testing is performed on the actual devices to mirror user experience.


Signing up with an application development vendor and getting your application built is just one phase of the deal made. You should look for a tech partner who can and will stay with you and support you the whole nine yards i.e. ensure hassle-free app maintenance and updates in future requirement. OnGraph is one such application development company that is client centric and provides a number of support and services.

Here’s What You Get From Us:

Maintenance and Support

Maintaining a developed app needs a great deal of technical and technology expertise, vision, skills and experience. We provide support for app maintenance and assist you in complete sync with client’s imagination to perform all updates and changes adhere to client’s goals.

Analytics and Reporting

At OnGraph, we also assist our client in a submission of their apps in app stores and launch websites. Additionally, we also support and manage our clients’ app on their enterprise app store and other app stores and provide them the latest analytics data concerning their app’s performance.

Porting Applications

OnGraph also available for you in the future for up-gradation of OS versions and new platforms. We believe in long term engagement and priority services.

New Features and App Upgrades

When you need to implement suggestions or reviews to your application, we are there to help you. We help you add new features in response to your target market’s feedback and industry updates. We keep ourselves updated with the pace happening in niche markets and also suggest new feature ideas.

New Device Support

Our professionals are well-versed with the different screen sizes, form factors and specs and capabilities. Moreover, they are up to the ability and the expertise required to port applications to newer devices when launched.

Available After Project Sign-off?

We stay one step ahead of our competitors because of our forward-looking practices. We make ourselves available even once a project gets signed-off. We provide our assistance after project sign-off based on the two conditions like:

Free support for the given time period
Paid support after expiry of free support


Communication gap and cultural differences often time causes major trouble in accomplishing an app development project as it was expected. When you signing on a project with a vendor, you need them as your partner for as long as work needed. You must be sure that you can work smoothly with this partner and vice versa. OnGraph with its talented and highly skilled professionals have been helping clients across world like North America, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, etc for a number of project requirements.

OnGraph has proven itself a potential team member. Want to know how we fit perfectly into our client’s project’s needs? Find below:

Similarities and Differences

• How will these similarities and differences affect ?
Our approach to work
high work pressure
Tight deadlines

Flexibility And Self-Reliance

• We are accessible 24/7
• We can deliver goals on our own
• We are flexible when it comes to handling
Different Cultures
Enterprise Methods and Processes


Communication or language skill has never been a problem for our company. We have highly skilled and experienced English speaking developers, project managers and other professionals, thus clients always experience seamless communication and interaction for project requirements. Moreover:

• We present our opinions professionally
• We respond promptly to emails, phone calls, Skype, etc
• We are proactive
• We will be an asset over time


OnGraph comes up with flexible engagement models in order to suit individual needs. Our engagement models counted on top of competitively priced services. Have a look below that how we have kept it simple and easy to grab in no time while keeping all your requirements and budget covered:

Full-Time Engagement

The OnGraph developer works exclusively on your project for 160 manhours of services every month. This model is suitable for custom project development and long-term engagements.
160 manhours of services per month
Minimum 1-month contract
Work executed in timezone preferred
Billing is done on monthly basis
Free assistant project manager
No setup fees required

Part-Time Engagement

The OnGraph developer works on an assigned basis for your project for 40-100 manhours of services each month. This model is further suitable for project modifications and short-term engagements.
40-100 manhours of services per month
Minimum 1-month contract
25% Advance upfront payments
Billing is done on a weekly basis
Free associate project manager
No setup fees required

Fixed Price Engagement

In case you have complete project specification drafted out, we shall be happy to discuss and execute this work in fixed price mode of engagement.
No cap on man-hours per month
Minimum USD 2000 contract
20% one-time up-front payment?
Milestone based billing
Free associate project manager
No setup fees required


Choosing the right development partner is crucial to the success of the application. We spent a decade in the industry and now cherish varied client base across domains, countries and size of projects executed. They all have one thing in common, the vision for a Web/Mobile application and need for a reliable team that we are known to provide. For a productive partnership, get in touch with us today.

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