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Our client was keen to build an application that provides 360-degree employee performance review, and help organizations keep a track of employee activities and business resources assigned to them

The Worker is a web application used to keep a track of all the activities performed by the employees of an organization be it a record of entry and exit, tasks and materials assigned, and training provided to them. Some features of the application include dynamic calendar, contracts/assignments which help super admin to record all the minute details related to the employees. The intuitiveness in the application was brought in using different colors to indicate different actions. OnGraph collaborated with the client and designed an admin panel through which super admin can create, read, update, delete and modify data. Our team of developers integrated features that could enable admin to identify all the employee tasks and track employee activities on the basis of colors.


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Goals & Objectives

Track your Employees’ Performance and Activities - Anytime, Anywhere
  • Date

  • Meet

  • interact

  • Share ideas

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Technology & Tools

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Business Challanges

Although our team understood the client requirements, we faced a few challenges while incorporating certain features such as calendar maintenance, customization, intuitiveness, and global time zone management. We had to work hard and find solutions to these problems in order to meet client expectations.

Time Zone Issue Residing in the Existing Database

The major challenge that we faced was to modify the existing database in a way that it is possible to display different time zones for various country in the same format to avoid any confusion.

Difficulty in Calendar Management/Maintenance

Designing a calendar was not difficult. But, maintaining and managing it was a huge task as the employee data was expected to be collected and stored in huge volumes every day.

Calendar Customization Concern

The challenge was to choose specific colors for each category and to indicate them in a way that it is easier for users to remember which color indicated what.

Difficulty in Saving the Monthly Records of Each Employee

Saving huge amount of employee data with each and every detail such as entry/exit, leaves taken, and materials assigned on a monthly basis was expected to be made more efficient, easier and with highly responsive.

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The Solution

With the help of our dedicated team of developers, we were able to fulfill our clients’ expectation. We developed an application that reliable, engaging, intuitive and interactive.

Used Different Blocks to Showcase Different Categories

We used different blocks for different categories such as entry/exit and projects and materials assigned to a worker. It became easier to keep a track of employees on a monthly or weekly basis.

Used Two Separate Calenders to Store Employee Information Accurately

One calendar was used to record data related to exceptional employee activities that are different than the regular employee-centric regime. Another was used to record regular employee details such as entry and exit details and leaves taken.

Replaced Node API of CRUD with SQL Queries to Eliminate Time Zone Issue

With the help of SQL, we recorded the time in minutes and seconds and in UTC format, due to which the multi-timezone issue was resolved. This UTC format helped us in capturing and rendering the date and time of different countries in the global format.

Representation of Data in a Tabular Format

The employee data was represented in a tabular format and saved directly in the application. This not only saved end=users' time but also improved the overall efficiency of the application.