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Pirkx is changing the way how employees and contract workers access and pay for goods and services while getting benefits and rewards. The London based entrepreneur selected OnGraph to convert their unique idea into an advanced online platform.

Pirkx, with its innovative business concept, is making day to day life rewarding for employees, self-employed individuals, and contract workers. And helps businesses retain the best of their talents. It's a subscription-based platform that lets users opt benefits worth thousands of pounds per year. A huge range of benefits, cash back and discounts are possible for users to avail using Pirkx while they go shopping, visit a restaurant or Gym, make travel bookings, do a foreign exchange, and much more. There are several options available to get a subscription on Pirkx like an employer can buy a membership plan for employees, an individual can refer and pay for a subscription in the group for a minimal fee and much more. Currently, they have tie-ups with multiple brands such as People Value, Argos, Costa, Debenhams, and Pizza Express and many more.


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Goals & Objectives

IA Modern Solution that Improves Customer Delight for Retailers
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Technology & Tools

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Business Challanges

Pirkx, as a platform, brings together multiple stakeholders including organizations, employees and vendors. Moreover, the platforms, stores and process disparate forms of personal, organizational and benefits-related data. Therefore, data security, seamless transactions, personalization, records management, secure integration are at the top of the critical success factors. As we began the development journey, here were the roadblocks we found daunting initially.


One of the biggest challenges that OnGraph faced was the single-sign-on integration with“ People Value” - one of the key partners Pirkx tied up with. There was a need to remember the logged in user across the two platforms.

Payment Gateway

Another challenge was to select a payment gateway that is safe and secure, supports quick payment processes, and accepts payment through multiple methods such as credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, and provides recurring billing options.

Recognizing Pirkx Companies’ Authenticity

Companies dealing in different business domains and of varied nature were supposed to register with the website to opt for benefits for their employees. Thus the authentication of the company and their details were crucial to ensuring reliability and credibility.

Intelligent Reporting

Our Client was looking for a system to be built that provides insights about registered employers and their activities such as historical data related to purchases, subscription info, etc.

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The Solution

With team efforts, dedicated hours of work, effective project management and continued collaboration with the client, Pirkx is now available as a full-fledged web application. The platform brings onboard multiple stakeholders including Corporates, Associations, Charity, Public Sector organizations, Employees, etc., However, we had to address multiple challenges with sustainable solutions as summarized below:.

SAML Integration

To support the integration with “People Value” and bring the capability to remember user’s login or personal data, we leveraged SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) in the app. As a result, once a user is logged-in to the Pirkx account, they do not need to re-login to access People Value or allied Pirkx features.

Stripe and Gocardless for Secure Payment

To offer secure, flexible and convenient payment processes, we used two gateways - Stripe and Gocardless. We used “Stripe” in which employees have to fill details every time for the purchase. Another was “Gocardless” that saved banking details once filled and used for future transactions.

Custom Dashboard

A custom dashboard was developed and integrated within the app for fulfilling the client requirement. It includes a corporate report, a subscription report, and a financial report that display a different set of data about employees and employers An admin dashboard was developed to render a comprehensive application-level analysis.

API integrations of ‘Companies House’ and ‘Valvat gem’

We integrated APIs from ‘Companies House’ and ‘Valvat em’ within the website. Companies House posses the essential data of the firm like name, registration number, employee strength, etc. On the other hand, Valvat gem validates European vat number. Integration of such solutions fosters reliability among Pirkx’s users.