How to Build a Doctor on-Demand App – Features, Cost, Benefits etc.

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With the constant rise in medical necessities, the healthcare app development is also growing vastly. Going by Statista, the global mobile health market is predicted to reach nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Thus, we can easily see the future of healthcare mobile apps in the industry. Telehealth solutions such as Doctor on-demand app are rapidly growing, both in popularity and demand. Both doctors and end users (patients), organizations and clinics are seeing the potential in apps like this and planning out on how they can revolutionize the industry. 

The Present Scenario  

Living in the times of pandemic has greatly restricted our movement. We are getting almost everything delivered right to your doorstep, be it groceries, food electronics and even medicines. The capabilities of our mobile phones has helped us hugely in such a critical time. 

  • As per a report by McKinsey, during the COVID-19 era, 76% of consumers make use of telehealth to replace the healthcare visits while it was only 11% in the pre-COVID times. 
  • Consequently, there has been an increase in the number of telehealth visits 50 to 175 times.  This greatly indicates the huge popularity of app for doctor on-demand. 
  • As a matter of fact, the total market size for the United States telemedicine is expected to reach over $22 billion by 2022.

If you also wish to become a part of this growing industry, then you can do it by building an effective doctor on-demand app. We will share with you the various important aspects involved with doctor on-demand app development. So, let’s begin…

Doctor on Demand Mobility Solutions 

Have you ever been in a situation where you fell severely ill during a Sunday when almost all the clinics are closed? The discomfort has been so high for you that you can’t even wait for an entire day to see a doctor. In such situations, one needs to consult a convenience-driven solution where one can contact a doctor by sitting at the comfort of their home to get the facilities. These are the Doctor on-Demand Apps which come as an easy and indulging way for the patient’s requirements. The app enables the patient to contact the doctor and connects the problems to solutions. 


Benefits of App for Doctor on-Demand Services 


  • Immediate Medical Service 

By making use of healthcare mobile applications, patients can get instant treatment by health experts. They can use the app anywhere, anytime and get help with advanced healthcare tools to get a better treatment. 

  • Schedule Appointment 

Healthcare apps like Doctor on demand app can let you fix appointments with doctor anytime. Furthermore, it is beneficial for doctors as well as they can schedule an appointment date and time as per their availability. In case there’s any issue to see the patient, they can easily cancel the appointment and provide another date.

  • Improves Brand Value 

By leveraging doctor on-demand apps, one can enhance their brand value to a maximum level. You can easily reach out to more and more customers and make them use your services. The app can support providing user information, email, contact details, and other data instantly. 

  • Transparency 

The doctor on-demand services help through every step. The app enables doctors to leave an immense impact on customer experience. Using these doctor on-demand apps, doctors can keep their patients well informed as well as fully-satisfied. It also helps patients to not stand in a queue and wait for a long time. In case of an emergency, the users can easily locate the nearby doctor facility and get services in the shortest time. 

  • Digital Offering 

When you meet doctors personally, their costs can be quite high. Doctor on-demand app are a great way to receive healthcare services at a reasonable or even free of cost. Doctors can also make use of the apps to inform users about many offers they are providing for their services. They can update the users for attractive discounts or free services. Doctors can also get to know about their services by providing patients with a feedback form so that they can give their feedback as well as suggestions for further improvements. 

Let’s now have a look at the major components and features of an on-demand doctor’s app.


Core Features of an On-Demand Doctors App


Your app must be designed specially for on-demand primary as well as urgent care. The doctors on-demand app consists of three components. Here, we will discuss the features of the three components one by one. 

  • Patient’s App

This is also known as a user’s app. It helps the patient to schedule their appointments, contact the doctor, and order prescription drugs. 

  • Search 

This particular feature helps users to find a suitable doctor online. The user can simply enter the doctor’s name or the type of the doctor according to specialties such as ophthalmologist, ENT, child psychiatrist, physiotherapist, and so on. 

  • Schedule Appointment 

This is a very important feature in a doctor’s app. It enables the patients to check the availability of a required doctor and book an appointment as per the feasibility. These appointments must be stored in the user’s app as well as the doctor’s app.

  • Appointment Reminders 

You must also include a feature that enables the users to set reminders for their appointments with doctors. This helps them to get ready for the appointment on time.

  • Virtual Appointment

With the ongoing COVID-19 scare, social distancing has become the norm. Unless the patient needs to be taken to an emergency room or urgent care center, video calls or virtual appointments are preferred. The doctors can examine the patient’s well-being, symptoms and can also discuss a treatment plan over the video chat. 

  • In-app Chat 

This one is another significant feature for you to integrate into your doctors on-demand app. This allows patients to talk to doctors in case they have anything they want to discuss such as feeling discomfort after taking medicine or rescheduling their appointment or want to understand their dose. 

  • Prescription Delivery 

Now patients are not required to visit drugstores to get their prescribed medicines. Integrating this feature in the app allows patients to easily get the medicines delivered right at their doorstep. This also helps to reduce the chance of contracting the Coronavirus by further reducing human contact. 

  • Doctor’s App

The Doctor’s app enables the doctors to stay in touch with their patients. It also lets them organize their calendars as per virtual and walk-in appointments. 

  • Appointment

When you create a doctors on-demand app, always make sure that the doctor’s app has this important feature to create, accept or reject an appointment. This helps them to prepare a proper schedule for the day. 

  • Video Call

Similar to the patient’s app, the doctor’s app must also contain this feature of video calling. The doctors can communicate with their patient’s via video calls and can gather information about the symptoms so as to assist them better in their health issues. 

  • In-app Chat

This must-have feature enables doctors to communicate with patients over chat. They can review their tests and treatment plans or resolve queries regarding prescribed medicines without the patients having to visit their clinics. 

  • Web Portal 

This is also known as Admin Portal and is managed by the admin. One can compare it to the doctor’s waiting room or office. Hare, all the activities such as managing doctors, patients, and appointments are taken care of.

  • Patient Database 

The admin panel is used to create new cases by using the information of the patient. All this information is saved securely in the patient database which helps to keep a track of patient information, medical history and appointments. 

  • Manage Doctors

The web portal manages all the doctors in the system. As per requirement, the admin can either add or remove a doctor. All the information such as type of doctor, doctor’s profiles, as well as appointments are stored here.

  • Check Availability

The admin can check the availability of the doctor and accordingly book an appointment for the patient. In case of rescheduling or cancellations, the admin can check for other available timings and book an appointment for later. 

  • Marketing Tools

This section includes ongoing offers on complete health checkups or free checkups based on customer retention strategies.


Must-Include Technologies For Your Doctor On-Demand App


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the rise in the popularity of personalized healthcare content and services, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is becoming more significant. Integrating these smart technologies to your on-demand doctor’s app allows you to collect and analyze the patient data so as to determine if they are suffering from any disease, what treatment can be right for them, how their bodies are reacting, and much more. 

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

When it comes to developing a doctor on-demand mobility solutions, virtual reality is another top technology to consider. This helps to transmit patients to a virtual world where they can fight with their loneliness, anxiety, and other depressing emotions and eventually, recover soon. 

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

This significant technology allows doctors to introduce the power of augmented elements within the real world, which ultimately empowers them to serve the patients with the finest of doctor on-demand services and also to streamline their processes in a much better way. 

  • Voice Search

Considering the fact that 50% of the searches will be made through voice by the end of 2020, introducing search technology into your doctor on demand solutions is a profitable deal.


Cost Approximation for Doctor on-Demand Mobile App


The cost of Doctor on Demand application development depends on various factors. Some of these factors include number of features, geographical location, and availability of applications on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Wearables.

The real cost of the app will further be justified by how many and which all functions one is seeking to include in their app. 

The geographical location of the selected mobile app development company also affects the overall cost. For example:

  • In the USA, the per hour cost of a developer is upto $150 – $250.
  • In Eastern Europe, the per hour cost of a developer is upto $120 – $180.
  • In Asian countries such as India, the hourly price of a developer is upto $40 – $80.

The cost is described in a way while also including the Front-end/Backend development, UI/UX design, bug fixing and polishing and many more required ones. 

The cost for an MVP version (Minimal Viable Product) of Doctor on Demand app can start from USD $30,000. If the app is to be developed with advanced features and for multiple platforms, then the cost may go upto USD $80,000.


We hope this blog has been beneficial to you in understanding the process of doctor on-demand app development. However, we do understand that you might be having certain queries regarding the app development process, market analysis, budget, or time. We will be more than happy to assist you. 

We are a prestigious mobile app development company with years of experience in developing apps for various industries like healthcare, food, logistics, etc. So, feel free to ask any query by just sending us an email. One of our representatives will reach out to you at the earliest and provide you with the best solution as per your business requirements. 

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