Artificial Intelligence and how they are empowering Search for Mobile, Web Apps

Posted by ongraph · May 2, 2017 · 4 Min read

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Google, alike Facebook and Microsoft, is remaking themselves around AI. With the use of AI technology and its capabilities, the company is simply trying to build the ultimate digital assistant. Google is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to be assistive across all their products. Google believe that such technology can help users organize their information. Google Photos, Smart Reply in Inbox, Speech Recognition and Google Now are some of the examples of that. Since people are asking for Google stuff all the time, the company is trying to make their product better and unique in its own way.

However, it’s not just machine learning and Artificial Intelligence giving Google unique strength, but the evolving technology i.e. Deep Learning also playing a significant role in accomplishing company’s mission and vision.

What Is It? And How Does It Work?


Deep Learning is a subset of “Artificial Intelligence” which comprises a vast range of technologies, including traditional logic and rules-based systems. It allows computing systems to solve problems in ways that at least superficially resemble thinking. Within that realm is smaller category called machine learning, which is the name for a whole toolbox of arcane but important mathematical techniques that enable computers to improve at performing tasks with experience. Finally, within machine learning is the smaller subcategory called deep learning.  


Deep learning feeds a computing system a lot of data which help computer made decision about other data. Deep learning enable computing system take sophisticated decision in displaying data when searched. With data-sets as comprehensive as these, and logical networks sophisticated enough to handle their classification, it become trivial for a computer to take an image and state with a high probability of accuracy what it represents to humans.  


Google feeds large amounts of information to its system and then teaches it to search for patterns using ‘deep learning’, a technique to implement machine learning. With the help of such data, a machine can detect and learn data as well as respond to internet search queries.



Google Photos:


If one feeds enough photos of a tiger into a neural net, it can learn to identify a tiger. If you show it enough computer virus code, it can learn to recognize a virus.


In today’s time, Google and Google products can learn a task so smartly that they surpass humans through Artificial Intelligence. Such Mobile Apps Development can do things faster, better and at much large scale.


Google Translate – A Translation Service


Google Translate is one of the popular and highly useful product of Google. It is based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Google is constantly changing its translation application using artificial intelligence (AI). It is using Neural Machine Translation into Google Translate, which has radically improved results. AI team of the company calls it the Google Neural Machine Translation System (GNMT).
With AI technology, Google has completely changed the scenario how people opt information online. Now you don’t need to depend on a list of links. AI assistants across the board have changed the way content is presented back to end user. Whether you spend more time on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter, you get news from peers directly on social networks relevant to your previous searches. All this because, machine can learn your behavior online and can make best decision regarding your future search based on the data and provide



Apart from Google, many industries also incorporating AI technology in their online business and providing enhanced user experience. For an instance:


E-commerce: E-commerce stores are using AI in order to identify user behavior and send them best possible results and increasing sales massively. A footwear retailer is applying a different approach powered by deep learning . Initially, tested the technology in women’s boots section. Once clicked on “visual filter” button, and it redirects you to a grid of 12 images that system software thinks represent the most distinct set of styles from the company’s catalouge of some thousands of boots.


A software is capable to learn user behavior through visual characteristics of the choice made. Having such data, software presents more similar products while refreshing page. A software that can understand images makes online shopping more efficient. Definitely AI technology with deep learning will change the future of search within E-commerce Web Applications.  


AI is inevitable for all sectors. Alike all technologies, it is also going to get cheaper and easier the more it proliferates. Google, Microsoft and Amazon are intent on pushing it across the rest of the tech world too.

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