Apple launches iOS 9 – Learn What’s Coming Up

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OS X – El Capitan

  • Fastest Adoption rate of any PC operating system
  • OS X El Capitan new name
  • Focus on spolight and built in apps
  • Pinned websites now a part of Safari
  • Muting audio in Safari tab option
  • Spotlight lets you search and get info without going into browsers (example:weather on Friday — you get it) better contextually aware results. Smarter searchex: “Slides from Brian about El Capitan”
  • Spotlight also allows to search in your own words and find stuff on your desktop
  • Mail has new updates — you can type in stuff like “mail I ignored from Phil” and find all messages you haven’t responded to
  • Search is more intuitive
  • Mission control gets update
  • Mail — you can drag and drop photos, links etc. from one message or website to another in full screen.
  • You can have Tabs in Mail
  • Side by side windows — split screen can adjust sizes


Performance in El Capitan

  • 4x as fast app launch,
  • 2x as fast app switching.
  • Mail launch 2x As fast
  • PDF launch 4x as fast
  • Metal — a way to accelerate graphics in high performance games. Introduced last year but it’s now coming back to the Mac.


OS X El Capitan Release Date 

  • Public beta available in July
  • Developers get El Capitan today
  • Public release in September


iOS 9

  • Siri has updated UI
  • Better reminders “Remind me to get my coffe off my car before I leave”
  • Proactive announced – your phone learns about you and predicts what you want (ex: run with music every morning? Siri learns and offers now playing instantly, or audio book in the car etc.)
  • Automatically puts appointments in calendar, reminds you and gives traffic conditions
  • Phone can look in email for unknown numbers and suggest on incoming call screen
  • Search – Siri offers suggestion such as people or Apps you might want to use based on upcoming appointments, new apps unused etc.
  • You can search sports scores, popular videos. Get descriptive cards and play directly from there.
  • There is now an API for search so when a user performs a search you can find content an they get deep linked into app
  • Convenient back links to easily return to search.


Privacy in iOS 9

  • Everything in proactive done on your device and is private.
  • If something is searched – like traffic conditions — it is anonymous, not linked to your account/ Apple ID, randomized identifier, not linked to other Apple services. Not shared with third parties. You’re in control.


Apple Pay

  • Discover joins Apple in Apple Pay.
  • Tons of new retailers including Trader Joe’s, JC Penny’s and more.
  • Lots of apps adding Apple Pay support — ex: Etsy
  • Buyable pins from Pinterest
  • Apple Pay comes to UK in July
  • Ability to pay for public transit in UK with Apple Pay
  • Rewards Cards coming to Apple Pay
  • Passbook
  • Renamed Wallet



  • Now can add checklists
  • Now has ability to draw in notes
  • You can link pages into notes from the share link



  • Adds transit
  • Adds info like time to travel from where you actually are to where you need to be
  • Siri integrated
  • Searching in maps now lets you find locations nearby by just tapping
  • It will also tell you if the merchant supports Apple Pay



  • Creates personalized feed of your favorite news groups.
  • Beautiful images, typography, video clips built in.
  • Get to new articles by just swiping.
  • Photo galleries inline
  • Animations embedded.
  • Can bookmark things to read later
  • Data and stats, rich infographics
  • News is smart s the more I read the more it gets to know what I’ll want to read
  • Explore can suggest topics and new news sources I might like
  • Favorites are a great place to store favorite news sources to read them alone as opposed to the stream of everything you like.


iPad updates in iOS 9

Quick type keyboard introduced

  • Shortcuts bar with cut, paste, insert etc.
  • Two fingers down on keyboard turn it into a trackpad to edit on screen
  • Shortcuts for app switchings, search etc.



  • Gorgeous new multitask view/ task switcher, full screen previews of apps. Finger-swipe from the slide brings in an app, “SlideOver”
  • Swipe upper right hand corner and get app switcher you can pull into a second split screen.
  • Split screen can be sized
  • Picture in Picture added



  • Adds support for Window Shades, CO sensors, motion sensors, security systems. You can access your home remotely and securely through iCloud.



  • Two-factor authentication to protect  data in iCloud.
  • New Low-Power Mode
  • “Pulls levers you didn’t know existed.” Extends battery life for 3 hours.


iOS 9 Public Beta

  • Releases in July
  • Swift goes open source.


Apple Watch OS 2

  • Improvements in timepiece – adding new watch faces.
    • New photos face. Can add an album that changes the photo you see every time you raise your wrists.
    • Has time lapse watch face so that if you set a location you can see what it looks like at that time of day
    • Developers can now make their own complications and users can customize this way.
  • Time Travel  – which will let you go forward or backward in time and see what you have coming up.Future information like weather, upcoming meeting etc. Watch OS 2 will have
  • New User Interface called Night Stand Mode –you can have anight stand view, set an alarm etc while charging.
  • Communication – you can add different sets of friends (ex: school friends, work friends etc.)
  • Reply to email on watch.
  • Facetime Audio calls received
  • Colored drawings
  • Favorite fitness apps can now run natively on atch and contribute to all day activity.
  • Watch gets all the updates from Apple Pay like reward cards
  • Maps update so you see transit lines on wrist.
  • Siri can give best transit directions
  • Siri works from that to control HomeKit as well
  • You can ask Siri for any glances.


Developer Kit

  • Now able to make native apps for the Watch
  • playback through watch speaker or bluetooth
  • you can playback video on watchface
  • you can access microphone
  • Health kit data accessible
  • HomeKit natively on watch
  • Accelerometer access
  • Access to Taptic engine — range of feelings and audio to come out on speaker.
  • Enable access to digital crown to manioulate device


Apple Music

  • My Music – up next cue, purchased music etc. You can also search and stream any song on iTunes. “For You” section tailors suggestions to what your taste is.
  • Beats 1 – New 24/7 radio station, Beats One. Anchored by famous DJ’s from LA, New York and London.
  • Connect – Connecting fans with artists, including new and unsigned artists. Artist can share with bands their lyrics, sound bytes, videos, photos etc.


Playlists Updates

  • Add your own artwork to playlists
  • For you helps figure out what you like by having you pick generes, then artists, pull it together along with playlists and songs you’ve bought on iTunes to make a ‘For You” playlist.
  • You can move songs around on playlist.
  • If a “For You” playlist is added that you really love, you can press on it and add it to “My Playlists” to save it.
  • Top Charts
  • You can see top songs, videos and albums
  • Siri in Apple Music
  • Siri is learning more about music

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