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Posted by ongraph · June 1, 2017 · 3 Min read

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We live in an inter-connected era where mobile apps development is need of the hour. Mobile Apps based world sits in the palm of our hand. Apps are the new point of interaction between brands and consumers.  APIs now have many roles to play for a businesses like add additional revenue channels, create brand new partnerships, allow business partners to integrate with ease as well as enable them to promote their brand without any dispute.


Not only this, APIs make internal processes faster, easier and more accessible. Industries are facing increasing pressure to adopt APIz and digitally transform their businesses. Meanwhile, 2017 is quickly becoming the year of APIs. According to many tech experts, APIs are going to increase exponentially their presence in companies. Early adopters of APIs are not only using it for growth but also for innovation and competitive edge in their fields, some example are mentioned below.


Social Media: It is important to mention the names of Twitter and  Facebook whenever we talk about social media platform. Social Apps Development has been the buzz word for past few years. These companies are not just the early adopters but the innovators of many trends and technologies. Above two are actually the pioneers in adopting APIs in their digital strategies. They make available APIs free to developers that help them significantly increase their online presence. With these APIs, the sign in process is easier for users and for the sites and companies that ‘borrow’ this API.


E-commerce: E-commerce Application Development is a giant in itself. Lots of layer of innovation still rest to be uncovered in E-commerce domain. With the use of APIs, businesses and API developers together dream up and try to build something unique.  The constant efforts are made with APIs to create new business areas by e-commerce owners. For instance, Ebay released a new buy and sell APIs in last October and that become a popular mean to offer additional purchase opportunities to users of social sites or marketplaces.



Finance & Banking: APIs have the potential to revolutionize the distribution model, hence enabling banks to serve as a platform for distribution of innovative digital services that at the end deliver result in form of happier customers and more efficient processes. Since, finance and banking services spread through internet to mobile apps and banking in ATMs, for payment processing to risk calculators, this industry has become the biggest consumer of APIs and evolving steadily with brand new innovations happening day after day around Web Services Development.


Security and Privacy: APIs are being used for everything from mobile application payments to health-care to wholesale financial services, etc. APIs increases customer interaction to varied new digital business channels, but makes them prone to malware attacks and other security risks. New innovation in APIs development should provide data protection. Stressing upon the privacy and security of data,  Deepviz API (Deepviz is a platform that helps users analyze information about malware) allows developers to submit malware examples to find information about them.


Hence, we can say APIs are simplifying companies’ processes and help them in optimizing their innovation  & solutions. It will be easy to witness in 2017 that APIs will consolidate their presence in all sectors of the economy.


What do you think? Where do you think you consume most of API services?   


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