What are Advantages Ruby on Rails Over PHP for Web Development?

Posted by ongraph · February 9, 2016 · 3 Min read

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In the world of technology and programming frameworks, options for choosing a development platform are galore. Two of the names which are usually pitted against each other are Rails and PHP – both being very famous. But before getting into comparing the two for application development, it is better to know a bit about both.


Rails is a web based framework for Ruby. On the other hand PHP is a programming language and has various frameworks. Therefore, you know that Ruby on Rails and PHP are completely different. However, most want to know which of the two is a better framework or an ecosystem to work on. The Rails web framework was developed in 2005.


So, let us look at the benefits of using Rails.


  1. The Rails framework is really mature and dynamic. It is fast for developing applications and creates higher quality outputs. Also, maintenance is easier for these applications especially the ones with big programs. PHP on the other hand has many frameworks to choose from and over the years it might be found that it is not very well supported to your needs as an organization.
  2. It is open source and full stack web app framework. It is an object oriented language and comes with automatic memory management.
  3. Rails provide scaffolding, plugins in the form of Ruby Gems, active record ORM and integrated testing tools. So, you as a developer basically have everything in one framework.
  4. Rails also works on multiple platforms and can be easily embedded into HTML.
  5. When it comes to connecting to various databases, Rails does a great job by connecting to all major databases such as Oracle, MongoDB, DB2, MySQL and others.
  6. If you are new to app development, the syntax of Ruby is really simple and hence you learn faster.
  7. It has a debugger of its own – making the life of developers easier!
  8. Rails also sports advanced security features which makes the applications you develop on it really secure, robust and scalable.
  9. On a purely technical note, Rails also provides superior string manipulation options, clean encapsulation of methods within objects and an advanced array class.
  10. You can write multi-threaded applications using a single API just with Rails.
  11. If you want a lot of flexibility, customization and freedom while developing applications you will love Ruby on Rails. It lets the developer work and develop applications exactly the way they want to.
  12. It helps in functional programming as everything is an object and also provides Unicode support.
  13. Even ‘reserved words’ can be used as identifiers when you are developing with Rails.
  14. Last but not the least, it never reinvents the cycle. The codes that are generated can be easily used again and again.

Some of the top notch companies of the world use rails for application development because of the fabulous advantages that this framework offers!


So, go ahead – develop a world of applications simply on Rails!

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