Adopting the agile development, it may not be easy

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January 29, 2014 | 1169 Views

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With adoption of agile platforms in several organizations, IT sector has boomed a lot. But is that the case with businesses as well? Continue reading for more!

  • IT may have reduced the delivery times of high priority requirements with Agile but businesses are still lacking somewhere. In large organizations, the systems are not working independantly. They are dependant and weaved in a mesh, making it difficult to provide solution to end user in a timely fashion. This means that IT and businsses are not working parallely making the claims of IT non deployable in businesses.

  • IT claims that the cycle times have been reduced and productivity improved, but businesses have some other version. Many businesses claim that right from funding till the time the end user is able to use the feature is very much. This makes it a lot of time consuming process.

To really fulfil the business needs, still a lot of work needs to eb done in order to select agile as a mainstream product for businesses. Here below is a sneak peek of the areas where improvement can be done:

  • Implementing agile on small scale projects works but it will not work for large scale entrprises as the products and the portfolios need different focus points as compared to the former. Excitement of agile working on smaller projects shouldn't lead to the execution of the same in the larger enterprises.

  • IT organizations have different functions and units. Just one agile will not serve all the functionsa and units in the organization. So the adoption should be made with precaution and carefulness.

  • Agile means rapidly developed code but it may not serve the business value and which in turn may not serve the end user. So the business ecosystems should be developed to integrate the rapidly developed code rapidly in the business environment.

  • Also, management plays an important role in deciding the adoption process. If someone in the management is not approving it, it may create a hurdle thereon.

In short, the organization has to undergo a complete overhaul to adopt to agile development methodology.

I would like to thank Anupama Rathi to share the factors and the areas which need improvement as specified above in agile development.

Reference: Agile adoption – Easier said than done.

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