A Practical Guide On How To Find The Right Full-Stack Developer

By Alka Singh | December 13, 2018 | 1626 Views

A full stack developer is a specialist of all three-tier of an application development process, including front-end development, back-end development, and DevOps. The profile demand full stack developer to have an understanding of all the programming languages or at least the most used ones. Meaning, they must possess expertise at working with everything right from a database to user interfaces and the stuff in-between.

The demand for full-stack developers is ranging high. These programmers are highly valued in some SDLC processes. Let’s discuss the cases when the services of full-stack developers are very beneficial.

While Developing an MVP or Commencing a Project

If you are coming up with a start-up idea or investing into a fresh project, full stack developers can be a game changer in these cases. They will work on the projects from scratch, handle every app components and build meaningful applications. Another case you can count is when you wish for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). These professionals are the best fit for your needs which will provide you with a fully functional prototype.

When They Are As Competent As Technical Head

Full-Stack developers are the best if you are looking for a technical head for your professional application development services. These engineers hold a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of the application development process, thus cater to your requirements effectively. With practical experience, they make appropriate decisions in the project, therefore ensure a project’s success.

When the Budget is Tight

Budget plays a significant role in every project. If you are running short for money to put into project development, you can avail several advantages by hiring a full-stack developer. They save yours good chunks of money. When you go ahead with an application development outsourcing US with full-stack programmers, you don’t need to pay separately for different services performed by developers such as front-ends and back-ends. A full-stack developer suffices your requirements skillfully and within budget.

As An Ideal Full-Stack Developer

As we discussed earlier, a full-stack developer is someone who holds practical knowledge of developing and maintaining different aspects of SDLC such as front-end, back-end, and DevOps. But they are the professionals of ‘jack-of-all-trades’ and ‘Kind of One.’ Nonetheless, you as a business enterprise must perform research or throughout check to find the right full-stack developer for your project. Keep in mind; an experienced full-stack developer is efficient to create the kind of expected results that you want from your project. You need to analyze since some are experts on front-end development while others may be masters of back-end development.

Check the Technical Skills of Full-Stack Developer

As we know this, a full-stack developer possesses exposure of working on both sides; the client and the server followed by UI design and so much more, consider this fact. Check for their technical skills such as HTML, CMS, and JavaScript as these are the important technologies used in app development and every sense mandatory.

A) From The Client Side

Make sure the developer you are considering is well acquainted with JavaScript frameworks. However, Angular, React, etc. are not just enough. Look that they are also familiar with tools such as Grunt, Gulp, and Bower and are updated on JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or backbone.js. It would be best if they are familiar with front-end CSS frameworks ranging from AJAX, Foundation or Bootstrap.

Other Must-Have Things To Consider

As a client, ask for the portfolio of a full-stack developer and look at their previous work. A web application should be visually stunning to the end users. Your access to developer’s portfolio or live app help you recognize their creative ability of application development and the app’s functionality that it runs optimally fast. Though, if your project’s need is a static page, the front-end gets distinguished from back-end on the structural level. Similarly, if you have back-end API, then you would only need front-end. These aspects shouldn’t be ignored while dealing with a full-stack developer.

B) From the Server Side

Back-end development though combines different complex processes, fist the developer must have sound knowledge of back-end languages, including Python, java, javascript, PHP and .Net. Make sure they have an understanding of database technologies such as MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL etc. Understanding of frameworks such as RoR, CakePHP and Express.js which are associated with server-side and web server technologies will be an added advantage.

Other Must-Have Things To Consider  

The back-end of an app is a significant component and work on the server, but as it is named, it is not visible to the user. However, if your start-up is going to be the one that requires large data to store like e-commerce, the back-end is a must for your app. Besides the technical terms, the full-stack developer should have adequate knowledge and understanding of the business needs. They must familiar with the know-how of how to store data in the database. Don’t forget to check back-end skills in API designing and documentation.

C) The DevOps

DevOps stands for Development and Operations. The niche deals with managing, updating and deploying the apps and scaling out the system further up. A full-stack developer should have the necessary expertise to tackle these activities. You should look for a professional that has experience in creating and managing the databases, cloud storages, and propriety cloud APIs. Check for the skills if he has knowledge of administering the servers and maintain verify his potential at managing cloud hosting providers.


A full-stack developer who masters the skills of both back-end and the front-end development with DevOps knowledge. You as an enterprise client must check their understanding for stack level since it helps you maximize the benefits of these experts. Don’t sign in any professional without testing their technical skills and assessing their previous work samples.

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