Our Top 5 Blogs Suggestions To Start With

By Alka Singh
November 5, 2019 | 1457 Views

Latest Industry insights to keep you updated on the latest happenings.

Mobile application development is one such sphere that is constantly changing. At OnGraph, we are trying to stay abreast about every market shift and tend to help our associates and clients change faster than others.

We also invest in weekly blogging to keep our associates up-to-date about the role and purpose of technology that is changing continuously.

Here, we compile our five best, highly popular, shared and conversational blog posts. We did this to simplify your journey to start with.

The post on this list generally solves your day-to-day queries.

Despite having our share of failures, we crossed all roadblocks that came our way. It is fun looking back how we conquered the challenges.

So, we start the list with:


3 Things We Learned From Building Tax Filing Chatbot

This blog piece is all about failures and learnings of developing a chatbot that mimics human-like conversations. The finance services are complex in itself and developing a chatbot especially for tax filing support kept us on our toes thoroughly.

Our face-off with perception vs reality brought us a better understanding of conversational chatbot, development strategies and evolving technologies that we are still harnessing.


8 Exceptional Ways E-commerce is Leveraging Technology Tools

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing businesses. We have projects in line focusing on-demand business concepts. While working on projects, we realized that every business has its problems and we can’t approach to one-size-fits-all strategy.

Thus, this blog post discusses must-have technologies for e-commerce ventures.


Should I Hire A Developer Or Learn To Code for Mobile App Development

Ahh! The most common question of those who imagine becoming an entrepreneur someday. Or those who already stepped into entrepreneurship and looking to get tech part done right.

We shared every aspect of developing a mobile application in detail and discussed every possible pros and cons of hiring a mobile developer and learning to code.


How IoT Has Disrupted Mobile Application Development?

Smartphones are the center of IoT solutions. Smartphones are the single device a person carries along with him everywhere 24×7 365 days. It supports a better-connected world, but how?

In this post, we explained how? Like, mobile app development to support IoT solutions requires to support specialized and personalized app development while keeping data secure.

This could be a guide if you are thinking about delivering IoT solutions through your products/services.


Practical Chatbot Use Cases that Will Shape Future

Chatbot has roles to play beyond ordering Pizzas.  Yes! Chatbots have many interesting enterprise chatbot use cases. Though the use of AI and allied technologies have let us interact with incredible capabilities of bots, in this piece of a blog we discussed the practical chatbot use-cases in areas that touch everyday life.


We Hope These Posts Are Valuable To You

We hope that this post helps you hook up on what you’ve missed, or revisit some things that are more relevant to you now.


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