3 Important Tips For Creating Killer Mobile Apps

Posted by ongraph · July 30, 2016 · 3 Min read

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Build an app that transforms mobile devices into radar speed guns for the specified industry. Countless numbers of individuals dream of developing software products. And why not? Apps are extremely easier to categorize than hardware and adoption can take place practically overnight and so can the growth of a company. But of course, not everybody has produced an app. So here are some tips for creating killer Apps:


1. Don’t Produce for Today


Two billion people worldwide never see a doctor, yet a billion of those people have cell phones and that number will only grow. So it is the time to move from working with PCs to mobile. Also, concentrate on creating something that is difficult at the time trusting the device would catch up. That’s a safe bet. Software constantly forces hardware to catch up. If you design for what is feasible today, by the time you come to market, hardware improvements will involve your app is already behind. However, it is must that you opt android app development service only from a company whose approach is dynamic in order to meet the requirements to upcoming time.


2. Choose colors wisely, it’s about the brand


The brand is concentrated on the emotional relationship you users or customers have with your service or product. Color helps define that relationship in subtle yet effective ways. You don’t have to like your colors for them to be effective. The color value is used for denoting purpose. Let’s start with black and greyscale. If you select one button black, the next dark gray, and the third light gray, what you are in impression saying is this: “Button one is most valuable to the visitor, button 2 is less powerful, and button 3 is least important.”


Try not to make the button colors the identical color as the site or app, as it will dissolve away. Also, a great tip is to avoid creating “buy” or different call to actions buttons in a bright red – as that implies stop in the US, and may restrict users from clicking it, often feeling it won’t get them to their goal. An optimized app design is possible achieve easily with custom mobile application development services.


3. Focus on Logo style


One cannot deny the power of logos. It just not represents your business but it’s used as a quality symbol among the clients who makes you the brand. A logo can make you a great business, but a poorly implemented logo design will poorly reflect your business.


As your logo is your business, it has to be trendy instead of timeless that has potential to grasp modern customers. A well-executed thought in a logo helps customers feel sensibilities of the business. In order to design a logo, varied stylistic choices can be selected such as caps, indent, title case, underline, contrast, etc. Mobile application developers know what their customer will expect to see. Thus, it’s easy to serve them exactly what they are looking in an app.


Have we missed something? Do you have more ideas of creating the best and most efficient mobile applications? If yes, then contribute those tips and tricks via your valuable comments below.

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