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OnGraph offers comprehensive Selenium automation testing services. Our high-end assistance help clients reduce test cycle times by up to 70% and enable them to bring their great ideas of web and mobile apps to the market quickly.

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With the growing complexity in the IT industry, QA holds significance in assisting business make intelligent decisions. Here at OnGraph, we understand the importance of automated software testing and thus providing complete and effective application testing services. With the help of our dedicated team and experts, we assist our clients irrespective of their business domain and business location. OnGraph is technology driven company and keeps the development center powered by the effective automation framework and other sophisticated tools according to market compliance. Having such facility and a world-class team of Selenium experts, we strategies methodology to perform software test automation across varied web and mobile applications. Our ultimate aim to increase longevity and reduce maintenance within your applications.

We provide complete Selenium automation testing service, independent of the programming language and platforms. In addition to this, we provide support with widely known programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScrip-Node, C# and many others as well as with the market wide used browsers including IE, Chrome, FireFox, etc. We are easy to work with and are committed to improve the efficiency, accuracy and productivity by identifying the defects earlier resulting in more consistent software testing consulting and services.

Complete Selenium Testing Services and Solutions

01/ . 06 Test Strategy Design & Implementation:

OnGraph has been testing software for 10 years. In the first step of software testing, we test designs and layouts on 500+ devices to ensure the responsiveness and functioning as per client specification and expectation.

02/ . 06 Cross Browser/Open Source Software Testing:

We are adept and we test your web and mobile apps on the world's best automated testing tool with numerous platform, OS and browser combination to deliver open source software benefits to your app.

03/ . 06 Mobile Web Testing:

With our mobile application testing tools, we ensure your web applications work across the latest Android and iOS mobile devices with instant access to emulators, simulators and real devices.

04/ . 06 Performance:

We are blessed with QA specialists who are prompt and ensures high-level performance notwithstanding unusual inputs, load increase, and unfavorable conditions. Being quality driven, we are not hesitant to push our limits.

05/ . 06 Defect Reporting and Governance:

Our test approach also includes discovery of anticipated and possible risks that could obstruct successful completion of projects. Additionally we conduct governance for integration, critical path working, and flow correctness.

06/ . 06 Testing Support & Maintenance:

Once the identification made on critical performance obstructions, we with our software testing engineers help you with support and maintenance and ensure about product scalability, strength, performance ability, and stability.

  • Language

    C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala
  • Framework

    Selenium Framework
  • Databases

  • Scripting

    C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala
  • Server

  • DevOps

  • Testing

    Selenium 3.9.1

Why Selenium is best framework for you?

Selenium is an open source testing instruments build with crucial features that support hassle-free testing of web portals and software applications. Even the Tech Giants like Google, Salesforce and Facebook are extensively using Selenium to test their applications. Over the years, selenium has been a top choice among other tools since it supports multiple languages including Python, Ruby, .NET, java, etc. It supports a range of browsers as well as has a capability to operate on almost every OS. With the use of Selenium, QA experts can execute simultaneous tests leveraging various browsers on various machines. As a result, it cuts down the time for test execution when a large project is in progress.



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Flexible Engagement Models

Common questions, you may need answers from us.

Common questions, you may need answers from us.

Yes, you will. All project works created by your dedicated developers are considered “work made for hire” and the intellectual property rights embodied in it are your sole and exclusive property after you have cleared all dues as part of contract.

Yes, Each project we develop, has minimum free support hours/days post launch of project. After free support, we have amazing affordable support plans to upgrade and support applications as long as you want.

Ongraph’s developers are determined to produce quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-through. We focus upon being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong.

Yes, your hired developers are like all other regular employees and will work full-time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) dedicated to your project only. All their leaves and absence will be processed with your consent only.

Yes, We also offer working in non-standard times and other time zones depending on client’s need. For such cases we need to be informed of such requirement prior to start of engagement. Usually, our engineers work in Indian Standard Time (+0530 UTC). Ongraph also provides flexibility to schedule meetings at a time that is convenient to you. As we are available at all the best possible communication channels, communication with all our overseas customers has rarely been a challenge.

Yes, We can help you scale up and scale down team as your your business needs. With-in 2 weeks of providing information, we can ramp-up team as per your needs.

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