Node.js Web App Development and Design Service.

We take pride in ourselves for comprising the technology of the future i.e. Node JS. Seeking challenging roles regarding technology is in our personality. We have industry's best node.js developers who are always ready to be a volunteer to jump into these unknown waters without giving a second thought to it.

What is Node.js?

It is an event-driven server-side Javascript development environment for highly scalable network and applications in real time. When it comes to using Node.js for development and deployment, it is considered as the lightest platform which makes it very fast.

Features of Node.JS Development includes:
  •  Node.js deals with API or real-time web programming
  •  You can build Amazing & Rich web applications utilizing Node.js
  •  One of the biggest benefits of node.js is the low-level API
  •  It has a rich set of area driven open source modules
  •  Everything in node.js is open source which makes it easier to replicate

Node.js web app development is for all businesses no matter the business is small or big, especially if you are planning for a start-up, this is the best platform for you. That’s because, a node js development company can help you scale instantly, assuring that you do not have a difficult time coping with the influx of users, as you grow. Even PHP can also be used, but the ability of Node.js being able to handle lots of connections proves it being more compatible than PHP.


Node.JS is a software platform developed on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. Ryan Dahl, the originator of Node.JS, aimed to develop real-time Node.JS apps with potential capability, being urged by Google apps. Node's asynchronous structure and use of JavaScript software extremely engaging and useful for custom software development.

Benefits of employing Node.JS development:
  •  Easy to install and execute locally.
  •  Node.JS is extremely inexpensive to test and including using Pay as You Grow services.
  •  It is relatively easy to develop real-time software systems.
  •  It contains very speedy native bindings.
  •  Most important feature is universality: in Node.JS means the code is drafted in one language, but can be run on different platforms which make it unique from other open source technologies.

Need to hire a Node.js programmer? Feel free to contact us anytime and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We at OnGraph Technologies are renowned as the best Node JS web app development companies all across the globe. Our expert Node.js consultant will help save you time and money for your business by providing an efficient and scalable solutions.

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