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OnGraph takes prides in itself to be one of the premier development companies to introduce MEAN based web application development. This JavaScript based framework can be used to build web applications for businesses extremely and quickly. It can be used to build web applications, web services and websites in highly scalable and efficient way. You would be wondering what this miracle framework is? 

The stack is one of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks used to build high quality web applications. It combines the power of four elements which are the future of web development.

MEAN is an acronym for:
MongoDB – One of the most powerful NoSQL databases.
ExpressJS – Framework to build web applications in Node.js
AngularJS – JavaScript framework developed by Google. It enables rapid front-end development.
Node.js – Built on Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine, it extends JavaScript onto the server side.

You have a website or a  web application? You can easily use this framework to modernize your web presence no matter what type of website or web application you have like  blogs, media websites, data-intensive and real-time messaging applications.


Our MEAN based development services include:

  •  MEAN based Web Application Consultation Services
  •  MEAN based Web Application Development Services.
  •  MEAN based Web Application Support Services.

Want to modernize your web presence? What are you waiting for the? Do feel free to contact us and we woud be there to help.


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