We provide customized CMS development solutions that are built keeping all specific business needs into consideration. We have extensive expertise in the domain and have deployed large scale content management systems for domains like retail, healthcare, hospitality, travel, leisure, technology, fashion, publishing, marketing, media to name a few.

We strategically advise our clients on the availability and use of off-the-shelf free and paid modules/plugins/components available, in order for them to get up and running faster and at lower costs of development. At the same time, we are strong contributors to the community and have strong experience in building custom plugins/modules/components as well to meet very niche/specfic needs of businesses which might not be available off-the-shelf. This allows us to provide a very comprehensive CMS based solutions to our clients to meet their demands of managing complex data processes and data flows. 

Our key service areas with LightCMS are mentioned below :-

  • In-page editable regions for easy and quick editing.
  • Blog integration.
  • LightCMS photo gallery implementation.
  • LightCMS calendar tools.
  • Template customization for LightCMS.
  • LightCMS store implementation.

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