Is Magento Most Recommended for E-commerce?

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The ecommerce industry is booming all over the world. Almost every category of consumer shops something or the other online. The plethora of products and services that are available on ecommerce websites is also unimaginable. So, simply put, the ecommerce market is saturated. So, when the competition in the ecommerce domain is so high, it is extremely important to have one of the best software to be used as your platform.


Why do You Need an e-Commerce App?

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An e-commerce application offers advantages like virtual engagement and quick transactions, however, that is not it. Let’s read the 5 reasons on how having an e-commerce app can help.


How to Install Yii 2.0 Framework in Windows

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We can install Yii PHP framework in two ways – using Composer or by downloading an archive file. The downloading with composer method is preferred as it allows you to install new extensions or update your Yii by running a single command.


Login with Facebook and Twitter using PHP

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Now it is easy to use your facebook or twitter account login into other sites and we can get updates from friends accross the web.


How to secure uploaded file over server using PHP

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In this article I will let you know some basic security tips that may protect server and code from hackers while uploading files.


Implementing Google Analytics in PHP

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Google Analytics is the most widely used website statistics service, currently in use on around 55% of the 10,000 most popular websites. It provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence and it’s free for anyone to use. Learn how to integrate this in your PHP website


How to market your website

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Have you recently started a website for your business? Are you looking for ways to market your website? If yes then you have landed at the right page.

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